Work has eaten my brain

Scout’s having a Project Spectrum contest. You can play along in two different ways: by describing or showing a picture of the preppiest outfit you’ve ever worn, or by writing a Project Spectrum limerick containing the words pink, yellow, and green. Leave your comments by noon, MDT, April 4, and you could win a skein of Scout’s yarn in the Prepster colorway (which is pink, yellow, and green).

Ok. That’s it. That’s all I have. After sitting in front of a computer and working for 16 hours yesterday, I don’t have a lot of brainpower left. I’ll catch up on bloglines later in the week, everyone. I miss you already.

So let’s see what I have in my spare photo folder… Whoops. There’s a picture I took for Tink, who was wondering if Knit a Fantasy Story had any patterns for fairies in it. Yes, indeed it does, Tink, although I’m pretty sure that dandelion isn’t knit.

Oh, look at this! Here’s a picture of Mayhem lying on the floor, underneath the chair rungs. It doesn’t look comfortable to me, either.

“La la la la la la la…” -M

“Mom! I can’t believe you posted that unflattering picture of me!!” *sniff* -M

Hee hee – just wait until she wants to start dating! 😉

36 thoughts on “Work has eaten my brain”

  1. I never knew Chaos could limbo. I wonder how hard he parties when you’re not at home. 😉

    16 hours of work? No wonder you’re feeling wonky. I hope you’re gettin’ overtime for this, or at least a nice plump goose come Christmas…

  2. It does look uncomfortable, but I think people are the only ones who will willingly sit in an uncomfortable position.

    But your photo documentation. Yes, Mayhem, I feel your pain. But the head shot is very lovely.

  3. She has some Siamese in her, I think! What a cute photo! (And May, it’s not unflattering to show your long legs!
    That fairy is adorable.
    Hang in there Chris!

  4. Awesome! Someone knitted me a little boyfriend. I’m not crazy about that shade of green. But I guess I can’t be too picky huh? 😉

    Chaos looks like he’s practicing for the Kitty Olympics. The low-bar maybe?

  5. I think I can relate to the work and brain problems… We’ll look forward to your return. I love the odd positions pets of al kinds seem to take. DH often comments about making a doggy yoga coffee table book, LOL!

  6. It’d be pretty amazing if that dandelion was knit.

    My mom’s cat, Scruffy, lies like that too. It’s very odd and uncatlike. Cats usually lay more dignified.

  7. Maybe May was demonstrating “pilates for cats” and I bet chaos was thinking: “she’ll never catch me posing like that!” Nice pics and it looks like it was a fun night!!

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