Book Giveaway: Tall, Dark and Fangsome (CONTEST CLOSED)

Many thanks to the Hatchette Book Group for providing five copies of Michelle Rowen’s forthcoming paranormal romance, Tall, Dark and Fangsome, for me to give away!

Sarah Dearly’s vampire life is not all B-positive cocktails. A curse made her a nightwalker, the most vicious vamp there is; the charm she wears to curb her deadly tendencies is losing its juice; and a hunter from hell is turning up the heat. Gideon Chase will kill the ones she loves most if she doesn’t obey his orders. That includes breaking up with master vampire Thierry and turning Gideon into an immortal vamp so he can escape a doom of eternal hellfire.
Making things worse are Sarah’s growing feelings for Gideon, a bad boy who keeps showing a vulnerable side . . . but is it for real? Will Sarah’s dark side take over? Or can she cure herself of the nightwalker curse in time to stop Gideon and finally live happily ever after with Thierry . . . forever?

Contest Rules

  • To enter, leave a comment below stating that you are entering the contest. Leave your comments by 7 pm CDT, Thursday, September 3.
  • If you haven’t commented before, your comment will not be visible until after I moderate it. Please do not leave a second comment! :)
  • Winners will be selected by random number.
  • You must leave a valid email address in the “Email” portion of the comment form. (Please make sure that your spam filter allows email from!)
  • If a winner doesn’t respond to my congratulations email within 48 hours, I will select another winner.
  • Only residents of the US and Canada are eligible to win.
  • No PO Boxes.

Good luck!

Hmm. How about Furry, Dark and Fangsome?

“You know you want me, baby.” -Chaos

76 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: Tall, Dark and Fangsome (CONTEST CLOSED)”

  1. I love the *dramatic* phrase “A doom of eternal hellfire”.. Oh NOES! Chaos is definitely one fangsome kitty…

  2. Oh man, I am SO tired today…I read “Tall, Dark and Fagsome”! LOL!

    (Stupid new optical mouse…zipping all over the page…)

  3. I need a new vamp series but not into romance types, any recommendations??? I’m ashamed to admit it but the Twilight series had me hooked and now I need something more. Anything???

  4. Ok, I’m not normally a romance novel type but that synopsis has me intrigued. Sign me up for the contest.

  5. I love the kitty pics, moved about a year ago and had to give mine up. Broke my heart since Tigerlicious was my first baby and 13 years old. So it is nice to see yours, I miss those yawns, oh what a life 😉

    Please count me in, thanks


  6. ROFL!

    You get the best pictures of Chaos Chris!! DEFINITELY Furry dark and fangsome!!

    I love him…

    And, yes please enter me, this book sounds good.

    Thanks Chris!

  7. You don’t need to include me in the contest, it’s not my preferred genre, but I just had to comment on the soft, furry, dark, and handsome, fanged hunk in the last photo.

  8. I’ve read something by Michelle Rowen before, but for the life of me I can’t remember the name. But it was so good! Definitely enter me, please.

    Thank you!
    Morning Glow

  9. Your pictures and captions make me laugh every day!

    Please put me down for the contest!

    Amy M
    atc218 at aol dot com

  10. Please enter my name in your draw. Thanks.
    wandanamgreb (at) gmail (dot) com
    I love your black cat!!

  11. Now, who can resist entering a contest for a book with that title? (I certainly can’t!). so here is me entering.
    But you can tell Chaos that I would pretty much prefer him any day 😉

  12. Oh… Chaos… Very Furred, Dark and Fangsome!!! You looking to “turn” someone into a vampire Chaos?!?!
    Mayhem… are you in on this… LOL!!!

    Love the picture Chris. I am going to use that one to pimp the contest at my place!!! That goes so perfect!!!
    Count me this contest!
    Thanks! Hope your day is going great!

  13. Awww! Of course we want Chaos. 🙂 Please enter me in the drawing. I promise to keep the bunnies, and the kitties know that I think of it, from chewing on the book. *grin*

  14. Chaos can be tall dark and fangsome! when he’s on his hind legs, he’s plenty tall.

    anyway, please enter me in contest.

    ps. you read two lumps, right?

  15. Chaos, my mom always used to admonish my brother and me to cover our mouths when we yawn. But I don’t think your paws are big enough to cover your fearsome fangs and tongue!

  16. I love this series and sad to see it end!

    Please enter me in the contest and good luck everyone!

    Love the pic!

  17. Please enter my name in the Tall, Dark & Fangsome giveaway. I have a furry, dark and fangsome one of my own. He is extremely beautiful. His name is Elvis!

  18. Hi Chris!

    I went back and added your suggestion to my post, excellent!

    Oh, and Chaos is so sweet.

    Please enter me, can’t turned out another vamp book!


    Dottie 🙂

  19. Mmmm. Vampire goodness. Sign me up! Btw: Have you read the book “The Darkest Night” by Gena Showalter? I’m over halfway though and it’s pretty good! It’s got demons and old mythological creatures in it. The cover is a little stupid. Does it look like the guy has a butterfly tattoo to you too?

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