How many RPMs can Lola run?

I finished binding off my STR Titania RPM socks last night as the credits rolled for Run Lola Run – a perfect finish for March FiberFlix! Plus, this pair of socks is my last project for February-March Project Spectrum.

Check out how much yarn I had left – that’s approximately 7 inches. Yeah, that definitely added to the excitement. To maximize my yarn usage, I knit each sock toe-up from the opposite ends of the ball.

The sock on the right was knit using the RPM pattern as written. For the sock on the left, I reversed the pattern, so the spirals go in opposite directions. The stitch pattern definitely “pops” more on the sock on the right – is it because the spiral goes the same direction as I was knitting? Or??

“Well, since Mom’s done knitting, I’m sure she won’t mind if I steal this little bit of yarn…” -M

“Eating yarn is very dangerous, Mayhem – don’t do it!” -me

This definitely isn’t my favorite STR colorway (it was a sock club selection last year). I’m not sure that teal, burgundy, olive, orange, rust, lavender, and light blue really work together. Interestingly, the yarn in the miniskein keychain that came with this skein is slightly darker and the colors work much better. (Um, yes, I might’ve been trying to calculate how much yarn I could get out of the miniskein, just in case…)

“Hmph. Meanie. You didn’t need to take away that yarn. I shall sulk.” -M

48 thoughts on “How many RPMs can Lola run?”

  1. I remember when I saw Run Lola Run in the theater… I was so tired by the end of the movie!! Too bad I hadn’t actually burned any calories…

  2. I think they’re great! Socks are one of the few things I can make and get away with using yellow, or orange! Colours I love, but can’t wear…

    Hi May! You’re too cute!

  3. Is it my imagination or are these shorter than your usual? And I think I need a macro closeup of the clashing colors 😀

    Picasso wants Mayhem to know that his catstaff wouldn’t let him eat a bow yesterday either. These catstaff? SO MEAN.

  4. Yikes! That IS cutting it close. They came out great and I love the mirrored spiral!

    I think the colors work, but it’s definitely not one of their stellar color creations.

    BUT, it’s nowhere near as bad as their Heart Throb colorway that I renamed Elf Barf.

  5. I have to say that I really like the color of the yarn. Maybe it is the photo but I think it works. And it’s great that their is no pooling/flashing that I can see.

  6. Hmm, they look good in the photo!D’ffrnt strokes and all that. 7 inches?!?! Yikes!

    I bow to your creativity…
    reversing the stripes? I never would have thought of it. You’re a genius!

  7. That’s cutting it a bit too close for comfort in my eyes…you were brave!
    Mayhem, don’t get upset – your Mom knows best on this one!
    And those are neat socks, even if the colors are a touch odd…

  8. The socks look great! Isn’t the difference in spiraling interesting. The scientist in me thinks you should do some experiments. Perhaps get a left handed knitter to knit a rpm sock while you knit an rpm sock. Yeah, I guess that’s a little much.

  9. I like the colors. I dragged my Titania out of the storage bag and it looks more purple than yours. If I ever get it knit up, it will be interesting to see how it looks. Though I’ll probably just make my same old plain stocking stitch sock with it, so it might be harder to tell.

  10. I love how you used every last bit of yarn — no scraps! And there’s always the emergency skein for repairs, too.

    My Titania (chilling its heels in the stash) looks like it has more burgandy in it. I should try it out. 🙂

  11. I’d’ve been eyeing the miniskein too, that’s not a whole lot of wiggle room. Cute socks! The colors look fine together.

    Unbelievable. That you would not let Mayhem eat possibly intestine knotting yarn. Parents. Such a lovely sulk though.

  12. i really liked titania, but i haven’t knit it yet… maybe i got a darker skein. socks look great, and how helpful to have the slight difference so you can tell which one is which!

  13. I watched that movie last week — it was a lot of fun. My TV knitting was bibs, though; not exactly in harmony with the runrunrun of the movie, but it is all my poor brain can handle these days. Love your socks — what can you make with the 7″ of leftovers? 😉

  14. yikes. that was really cutting it close with the amount of yarn on that skein.
    the socks look wonderful, and certainly cozy 🙂
    May – stay away from that!

  15. They are so fug you must love them!! Love them!!! 🙂

    I like the fact that you reversed them! It’s really interesting to see how the pattern and yarn behaves in that case.

  16. Hi, Chris! What a pleasure it was to meet you and the Peeves at the yarn shop today — it made a rainy Saturday in Minnesota much more fun, and the other customers really enjoyed the novelty of having a customer travel all the way from Australia “just” to come to Yarnzilla (Hi, Kellie! Hi, David!). I love your blog — I look forward to adding it to my list of “daily must-reads.” Come by the shop again, sometime, and bring your knitting so you can sit and knit with us! : ))

  17. Never saw the movie. *gasp*

    RPM – a fun pattern. Used it on a hat instead of socks. 🙂 Now thinking about trying the pattern for a pair of socks. Do they fit well? Stay up? Or?

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