RIP SRM (This post may not be suitable for those sensitive to sparkly mouse carnage)

Elspeth is having a contest for “WIP It Out” on March 31st. There will be a prize for identifying the movie quote, and another lucky participant will receive one of E’s frogged WIPs.

Cindy is having a contest – leave a comment about any Greek affiliations you may have had in college (or just leave a comment if you were independent and unaffiliated). Comment by 11 pm CDT March 29 and you could win some sock yarn. Although I wasn’t in a sorority, I was in Xi Sigma Pi, the National Forestry Honor Society…

Sallee the Knitnana is having a contest to celebrate a comment milestone. Leave a comment about the Meezer by midnight EDT March 30 and you could win a Nana Sadie Rose sock bag (a new design)!

So perhaps you are wondering about the post title… I think a picture will speak a thousand words.

Yes, that is the skin and skeleton of Chaos’ beloved SRM. If I hadn’t witnessed Chaos demolishing SRM, I would’ve blamed Mayhem, known to be very hard on her toys… Compare the picture above to this picture of SRM, taken in January of 2006:

When asked why he would treat his beloved toy in such a fashion, Chaos didn’t have much to say for himself.

I guess we’re left to find our own answers about this senseless loss of sparkly mouse….

61 thoughts on “RIP SRM (This post may not be suitable for those sensitive to sparkly mouse carnage)”

  1. i can’t believe you didn’t prominently label this post MA-17 for Violent Content/Carnage/Vivisection/Graphic Autopsy Footage.

    Shame on you!

    Poor SRM, loved to death. RIP indeed…

  2. Poor Sparkly Mouse. You should put in for Family Leave so you can properly recover.
    I hope that cat got a little hard time for that crime. He should be glad that there is no Cat Capital Punishment where you live.

  3. (laughing hard)…I hope that there is another SRM, or maybe an SBM or SGM? They usually come in 3-packs.

    My guys have the nonsparkly kind, which seem to be de-tailed and then disemboweled just as easily as the sparkly ones! It’s going to be great fun when we start showing the house for sale, LOL!

  4. LOL! Our cat sitter left one of those a-door-able pets for our cats. We know it was a bird, as we found a yellow and a red feather. We’ve never found the bird–its skin or body!

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