RIP SRM (This post may not be suitable for those sensitive to sparkly mouse carnage)

Elspeth is having a contest for “WIP It Out” on March 31st. There will be a prize for identifying the movie quote, and another lucky participant will receive one of E’s frogged WIPs.

Cindy is having a contest – leave a comment about any Greek affiliations you may have had in college (or just leave a comment if you were independent and unaffiliated). Comment by 11 pm CDT March 29 and you could win some sock yarn. Although I wasn’t in a sorority, I was in Xi Sigma Pi, the National Forestry Honor Society…

Sallee the Knitnana is having a contest to celebrate a comment milestone. Leave a comment about the Meezer by midnight EDT March 30 and you could win a Nana Sadie Rose sock bag (a new design)!

So perhaps you are wondering about the post title… I think a picture will speak a thousand words.

Yes, that is the skin and skeleton of Chaos’ beloved SRM. If I hadn’t witnessed Chaos demolishing SRM, I would’ve blamed Mayhem, known to be very hard on her toys… Compare the picture above to this picture of SRM, taken in January of 2006:

When asked why he would treat his beloved toy in such a fashion, Chaos didn’t have much to say for himself.

I guess we’re left to find our own answers about this senseless loss of sparkly mouse….

61 thoughts on “RIP SRM (This post may not be suitable for those sensitive to sparkly mouse carnage)”

  1. Here he was, was hoping he would finally get to taste that thing, and bleh! it’s plastic! Poor Chaos, disillusioned yet again…

  2. Give the guy a break, he was just taking out a little frustration. Or, maybe the spring air is giving him some friskyness.

  3. Poor Chaos. The loss of a favourite toy is never easy. Just the other day a contractor stepped on Bicoe’s favourite pingpong ball and now it doesn’t bounce like it used to. She sat beside it meowing and poking at it for what seemed like seconds.

  4. I woke to find similar sparly mouse carnage on my dining room floor.. perhaps this is an organized effort? A sparkly mouse destruction conspiracy

  5. Clearly SRM had crossed some line in the sand, maybe SRM played with Mayhem, maybe SRM had gone missing one too many times. Whatever the offense SRM obviously had to die.
    And now Chaos is wondering, where the heck did I put SRM?

  6. Chaos standing by his mouse, I can almost imagine what he’d be saying…. “who me? I didn’t do nuthin, Mom” (yah wraaaahhht)
    and as for Cindy’s contest, I dated a few Greek guys in college… I wonder if I could use that to enter (LOL)

  7. Oh, how could it be? The horror!

    Obviously SRM got fed up with Chaos staying out late, drinking with his buddies. When he came home last night, SRM laid into him about lipstick on his fur in a shade she’d never seen before. She also went on and on about he wasn’t going to kiss her with that mouth, full of booze and foul words.

    Head still spinning from a meet-and-greet with Jack Daniels, he made quick work of the whiny mouse. Upon realizing what he’d done, he quickly decided that the best way to cover up the crime was to dismember her body and remove her in pieces in the middle of the night when no one could watch. Little did he know that the human lady would be around with her camera shortly.

    Chaos decides to act as if he doesn’t know what she’s talking about, but alas, Human Lady isn’t buying his story.

  8. It was probably self defense. Chaos was taking his late mid afternoon nap (not to be confused with his early afternoon nap, his afternoon nap, or his early evening nap) when all of a sudden srm jumped from nowhere squeeking, “you’ve shoved me under the stove one to many times”. Chaos, fearing for his life did the only thing he could.

  9. Why? Why?

    Someone ought to write an “Ode on the destruction of the SRM”.

    Perhaps May can do it – unless she is too traumatized? I’m sure she saw the whole thing.

  10. Oh my. It’s taken me this long to recover from the disembowelment of Sparkly Red Mouse. I never realized that SRM was one entire intestine piece on the inside. I’m thinking you should felt up some of the pompom bunnies featured in Spin Off. Maybe they would survive. And then again, maybe not.

  11. Alas, poor SRM is dead. I knew him, Horatio. Er, Mayhem. A fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy: he hath borne me on his back a thousand times; and now, how
    abhorred in my imagination it is! my gorge rims at it.

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