Linkity would like you to know that the Ides of March is a tumblr holiday

Some socks I recently gifted.

Harry, trying to figure out what I’m doing, plus the second pair of socks I recently gifted.

Polly’s such a sweet and goofy girl!

Mayhem *thlurrrrp*.

5 thoughts on “Linkity would like you to know that the Ides of March is a tumblr holiday”

  1. Hi kitties! Love the socks.

    I am so sad about the Barbie house. Why make such a wonderful showpiece just to immediately destroy it? So sad.

    Purple kept showing up in that one house. I kept thinking we were done with purple, but nope! There was more.

    That spaceship house is fascinating. (I wouldn’t want to live there, but that is one that I would rent for a weekend with some friends just for fun. Though, that would be more likely if it wasn’t in Utah.)

    I like that cute little blue townhouse in OH, too! Though that first picture of it reminds me of a picture book I loved as a kid – The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton.

  2. You have a spaceship in your living room, but position the couch so the spaceship is behind it? And the couch is aimed at the kitchen? Because the spaceship is “blah” and the kitchen is “fascinating?” Okay.

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