Linkity still boggling at our crazy winter weather

My collage meeting was fun! 🙂

Harry and Polly generating some major teenage energy here!

Poor Mayhem always looks so rumpled these days, even after being brushed.

One of the most unflattering photos I’ve taken of Polly, lol.

2 thoughts on “Linkity still boggling at our crazy winter weather”

  1. Too much… uh… everything.

    I kind of like the little desert compound, though. An exterior door in the bathroom makes perfect sense when you have a pool or hot tub. I thought the choice of a glass door was a bit odd at first, but I see that the central part of the glass is frosted.

    We kept trying to talk my BIL in Las Vegas into putting a door from their back yard pool area directly into the bathroom. SIL didn’t like that suggestion at all. So we just dripped water all through the living room instead. (Tiled floor, so not a big deal.)

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