Would anyone notice if linkity didn’t have a title?

The tiniest blep from Polly.

Harry’s not as crabby as he frequently appears to be.

3 thoughts on “Would anyone notice if linkity didn’t have a title?”

  1. Yes. Yes, I would notice if Linkity had no title. But only because I still use Feedly. Otherwise, no.

    I have questions too.

    Carriage house is cute!

  2. The whales molting thing is neat science. But then I made the mistake of reading the comments, and someone mentioned a (hopefully theoretical) horror story of drowning because you got tangled up in whale molt, and that is horrifying.

    Sadly the blanket runway pics are being called AI art. But still, why would someone submit that prompt? There are still questions.

    That Nevada castle house is amazing! I much prefer it to the Utah castle house. But I’m sorry; that re-done jail is just RIGHT OUT. I can’t imagine staying there as an inn guest. Nope.

    I also can’t imagine buying a house that came with an amusement park. I think the only thing I’d use remotely regularly would be the mini golf course. And even then, it would probably wear out its novelty really quickly.

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