Linkity for mid-to-late September

Serious Mayhem.

Polly asleep on my lap.

Thoughtful Harry.

4 thoughts on “Linkity for mid-to-late September”

  1. Aziraphale is very cute! Just finished watching Season 2.

    The ham and bananas hollandaise reminds me of something I once heard – you can put any 2 things together and someone will buy it. I guess that goes for food, too.

  2. Please tell me I’m not the only one who wants to move the silver bathtub to the bottom of the slide? Please? Even if I am?
    Combination Not-A-Castle and Yes-An-Airplane Hangar? That’s, ummm, errrrr, ahem ahem? Creative?
    Must like bright? Me: Did you have a decorator? They: No, we just let the unicorns poop wherever they like.
    Honey, have we got any beer? I don’t know. Check the staircase!
    The golf balls are $24.99. The map to the real staircase is 249.99.
    Polly!!! Harry and Mayhem plotting to take her spot!!!

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