Cloudy day, everything’s linkity

Harry always looks so skeptical/crabby, but he’s the sweetest boy!

Polly sitting like a people.

Mayhem asleep on my lap.

4 thoughts on “Cloudy day, everything’s linkity”

  1. Thanks for the book release links! I really wish I liked the Veronica Speedwell books, because I adore their covers. The Mimicking of Known Successes is a book I’m really looking forward to, as well as Bitter Medicine. Vera Wong’s Unsolicited Advice for Murderers also sounds really fun! And, oooh! New Pratchett short stories! Also fun! (Even though they’re not Discworld.)

    That house in Utah has a $22,650/Annual HOA??!?! Sorry, WHAT on Earth do they do that’s worth that? (Though, I mean, $50 million house… but I got stuck on the HOA cost…)

    ALL of those staircases are cursed. I can’t decide which one is the most cursed. But I would definitely fall on each and every one of them.
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  2. We use..plug in things to warm our cars. Plug it in , set a timer, and the car is warm when you go out. Cos else u will break that damn car if it is -30c

  3. Not particularly for the home it is in, but perhaps for some others, I kinda get the wine rack in the hallway. Though in most cases, it should be a lot closer to the front door. “I’m not taking one more step into this eyesore without a nice glass of fruity Cab!” Some of the explosively colorful or otherwise visually frenetic homes might have Pre-emptive LSD and Shroom racks at the end of the driveways. And maybe portable-steps-for-too-many-levels-with-too-few-walls house has random Johnny Walker Black & Blue Labels Racks scattered about along with the Opiate Pain Killer Racks.

    Not ready to join Tumblr yet. Although I hate being cut off in the middle of an interesting post, I feel like the sites that do this are doing more of a disservice to the posters.

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