Linkity during a false spring

Harry and Polly’s second adoptiversary was on the 16th! Don’t they look excited. 😉

Harry on my bed.

Polly upside-down cake!

4 thoughts on “Linkity during a false spring”

  1. Wee tufted pigmy squirrel! Squee!

    Those constipation pills might actually have been an awesome thing for my mom, as her neuro-muscular condition caused her colon to not pass stool properly.

  2. I will always love Narnia fan theories that come from the heart, as this one obviously does. And there’s really not enough said about the good part of coming home after an adventure like that.

    Thanks for the info about the lake effect! I didn’t know about that. Or about the attempt to rename the Sound the Salish Sea. (I just looked it up, and it also seems that the Salish Sea is already in use to mean the larger collection of inland waterways that the Sound is part of… but still. I didn’t know that “Puget” was a colonizer’s name.

    Um. Those vibrating pills are sure a thing.

    That dragon door would work well in the mini-castle. (I would want a dragon door in my house, but I’m not sure where to put it that it wouldn’t completely clash with everything.)

    There really IS a lot going on in that one house—I don’t think I could handle ANY of the room, much less all of them. The murals in that other one would have had me out the door before I saw the rest of the house, TBH. Some stables are really nice buildings, and that one looked like a decent conversion. (I’d be worried about the insulation, though.) MORE murder stairs! Aaaah!
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  3. Dragon Door! ‘Nuf said!

    On the other hand:

    We’ve been experiencing a little Springus Interruptus here in SF, too.

    I’m more attracted to outdoors Kennebunkport than indoors. The wallpapers are all too busy in that one. But the Lily Pond and other landscaping features are gorgeous.

    Love the bromeliad wall over the pool, but … maybe it’s just me, but “Nice” Bathroom/Closet Combo, or “Nice” Bathroom/Anyroom Combo for that matter, sounds like an oxymoron to me. Even if it is stocked with rectum-saving TP.

    That tissue does have a pretty amazing set of qualities though. Soft, Suave, Thirsty, and Yielding yet Firm. Like that pudgy drunk at the end of the bar (AKA: Me). “Hey, fella, You look Mah-vel-ous! Could you buy me a drink? I’ll do anything you want, but Buy Me A Drink!”

    Perhaps “A Wipe A Day Keeps The Doctor Away” would be a good slogan?

    Vibrating Laxative? Why didn’t I think of that? Oh, well as long as I’m sloganising, how about “Shake Well After Taking” sound?

    Say what you want about killer stairs, but at least with the drawer stairs you can keep first aid supplies handy. Or the funeral home contact info, for worst case scenarios.

    Now it really is ‘Nuf Said. Or maybe too much? I dunno?

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