Linkity is soooo over this cold weather thing

Harry and Mayhem sleeping on my lap.

Polly creepily sleeping with her eyes open.

Harry talking to me.


4 thoughts on “Linkity is soooo over this cold weather thing”

  1. Whoever stole half the stairs could at least have left them the half that is by the doorknob instead of the half by the hinge.

    I think the glass pavilion is gorgeous. Wouldn’t want to live in it, but maybe just a vacation. It should have motorized blinds for the windows, and then it would be great.

  2. I recognized that potato shed house at the first photo. It is a classic on @ZillowGoneWild on Instagram. It first appeared about a year ago, end ever since houses are judged by whether they have a potato shed. (Of course, no other house has one.)
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  3. TWO stairs that end on the kitchen stove? In one week? Who’d have thought?

    I’m kinda surprised they didn’t keep moving the spinning wheel around, hiding it in the background of other photos. That would have been fun.

    The cookie baked oatmeal sounds fun, but I think I’ll stick with actual oatmeal cookies.

    And thanks for the history of the word “queer”! I’d seen stuff going around lately about whether or not to use it (because TERFs) and it’s good to have more perspective.
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