Linkity contemplates imperialism

Polly’s Flehmen Response in action.

Harry scent marking the window frame.

3 thoughts on “Linkity contemplates imperialism”

  1. That Discworld jacket is amazing! And I love the Middle Earth travel posters. Sadly the shop where those are from is on vacation until January.

    That sleeve knitting epic sounds so familiar.

    That NYC penthouse is amazing. Put it in Cali, though, if you want to use it in winter. (Then again, you wouldn’t be able to use it in summer. We’re coming off of a week of record highs today—it’s “only” 100F today. Compared to the 113F we had earlier this week, though, this is much better.)

    That home in Pennsylvania is amazing, and hopefully they won’t mess up the kitchen. The funky round house, though, needs a little work in the kitchen (at least in the appliances department). The one in Lexington sure has some interesting features—I especially like the dinette area. The train depot house is really neat, though I think I would prefer to vacation there instead of making it my full-time home.

    I do not want a fireplace in my home, sliding or otherwise. (Actually, I think sliding might be worse.) I also do not want a bowling alley, or haunted house (even with a bar), or deadly colorful stairs.
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