Linkity can’t believe it’s already time for the Minnesota State Fair

Mayhem, annoyed by Harry’s existence.

Polly with a sparkleball!

Polly and Harry on a kitty hammock.

4 thoughts on “Linkity can’t believe it’s already time for the Minnesota State Fair”

  1. Your kitties are so adorable. And I love the contrast of the orange sparkleball. 😉

    I never knew that about “exit pursued by a bear.” That’s really cool… I had no idea it was referencing an ACTUAL bear, much less a polar bear cub. I also love both the dragon in the pool and the UK bookshop. Makes me want to plan a vacation centered solely around bookstores.

    I LOVE the fic about humans in an alien zoo. And all three of those movies from ’97 that I didn’t realize had so much in common.

    You know what? Even though I *CAN* taste the spoon more than the ice cream, I still want that ice cream. It is my perfect fudge ripple ice cream, and I haven’t been able to find any good substitute for it yet.

    The Spite Castle is actually really neat-looking. The Chicago castle-house is not. I like some of the rooms in that house with the slide, but don’t like the primary bath much… it felt too cold. On the other hand, I like it better than that house in Texas with the pool in the living room, which felt more like a cheap motel/bar/thing.

    I can’t imagine buying a frontier town… what would you do with all of it? Still better than that glass house, though. That’s a big nope. And all those houses with death stairs? Even bigger nope.
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  2. I am generally not much for state fairs (or at least, not the one in our state), but I think the Minnesota one would be fun to visit.

  3. I think the Disappointing Castle House was really just an enlarged version of the Tin Man’s Hat Rack. Yep, that’s what I think.

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