It’s linkity time again!

Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone by Brene Brown. A very good and very timely read – if everyone seems more and more polarized on issues and you’re trying to bridge the widening gap, this book might help.
Art Supplies: Making, Manufacturing, and Creating by Jane Audas. Very good overview of people and companies involved in the creation of art supplies, from Beam Paints to Liquitex.

Polly upside-down cake!

Harry sleeping off some ‘nip.

3 thoughts on “It’s linkity time again!”

  1. Thanks for the link! 😀

    OMG. That glass/liquid combo is amazing.

    Why am I not surprised that the house built around the tree is in California? We do some weird things. But yes, that looks like an insurance claim waiting to happen.

    I guess with grounds that lovely, I’d be willing to redecorate the interior of the bland castle. The only hobbity thing about that house is the round window on the door—though the house is lovely, even if not hobbity. What do you want to bet that Oriental-vibe house was decorated by white people? LOL, that Maine house had me lulled into a false sense of security until—BOOM—that bathroom TP holder appeared.

    Wow. That house with the purple carpet is something else. Bits of it (like the orange Formica kitchen) remind me of my grandparents’ house. And I think I had a bathroom sink that was shell-shaped when I was a kid. It was a pain to clean!
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  2. OMG, I have to show that place on Prince Street in SoHo to my husband (the crappy one with all the offers on it). He actually lived in a 6th floor walkup on Prince Street in the ’80s with his previous wife and their baby. I don’t think his was even that big, because it just had a water closet (toilet), not an actual bathroom. The shower was in the kitchen. It was rent controlled so they only paid $600 a month for it – he had to pay more than that for the parking space for his car.

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