Linkity is Concerned that the world is melting



Polly laughing at her own joke.

5 thoughts on “Linkity is Concerned that the world is melting”

  1. A sleepy pink hippo is hard to compete with, once again I’d say SF wins the home show*. Will there be a 3peat?

    *Although, I’d have to lose the orange bits. Blues, I like blues.

  2. Wow, gorgeous lightening photo! And seahorses, how interesting!

    My 2nd great-grandfather lived to be 93 and died of gangrene in his leg, or he would have probably gone on for quite a while longer. But when he was 81, he was complaining that “a man just can’t get a job anymore”.

  3. I thought I knew where the link about the Great Dying was going. I was wrong. (I like the real post better than the one that was in my head.)

    That “nobody wants to work anymore” thing is just infuriating. AND also proof of how short our collective memories are when we let them be.

    That San Francisco place (with its own door, not the one used by everyone else) is nice—I think the private courtyard is my favorite part. That maze one really is like the Winchester Mystery House!

    Eee! Cute kitties!
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  4. That lightening photo is amazing. I used to live about two blocks from the “too dark” house in Owosso.

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