Thunderbolt and linkity, very very frightening!

Mayhem in her role of sock quality control.

Harry is so handsome! 😉

Polly thinking some deep thoughts, apparently.

3 thoughts on “Thunderbolt and linkity, very very frightening!”

  1. I’m sure your kitties would love that beautiful cat tower.

    Hmmm. I wonder what my neighbors would think of that mannequin with the lights and surveillance camera if I put one on my front porch. Much more entertaining than a Ring doorbell.

    That guillotine might be a little overkill for slicing the bread at dinner.

  2. I saw the news about Patricia McKillip. 🙁 Very sad.

    Those are pretty socks! I’m sure Miss May did a good job of checking them over for loose threads.

    I did know that otters have pockets! And often they have favorite rocks that they carry with them for long periods of time. So very cool!

    Ramen makeup is a big no. A dog bed for people, though… that could work.
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