Linkity can see spring is nearly here!

Mayhem drowsing in a rare bit of sunshine.

Polly loves her some sparkleballs!

Harry looking very winsome.

Lot going on in this one. Harry looking much less winsome (perhaps even sinister), with Polly sticking out her tongue in the background.

4 thoughts on “Linkity can see spring is nearly here!”

  1. Soooo much in this one. We found a box of floppies at work.
    So much fun to explain what they were to them that wasn’t there. Also, the carbon paper. What’s with the painted ceilings? Those steps, I’d be doing the hands on the riser in front of you crawl up most of them. I lived too long in cold climates – the first thing I thought when I saw the castle was “their heating bills have got to be killer”. We had the station wagon version of the Pinto – it was green. Soooooo much wrong with the slacks ad /shuddering/. Your cats are gorgeous – as usual.

  2. I’d love the moth smoke detectors. I especially appreciate the humor in it being a Death’s Head Moth.

  3. Oooh, “dwine” is a great word. I’ll have to remember that one. I like “ambiloquent” a lot, too.

    I saw the trailer with Daniel Radcliffe as Weird Al over the weekend. OMG, so creepy how believable he is in that role! (And also, this is more proof that Dan is a better actor than a lot of people give him credit for.)

    The rainbow stairs are fun, but the rest of that house is a nope for me. And I also do NOT want a basement cave. That looks creepy. The castle, though, is lovely… even if I would need to go in with several other families in order to have a hope of affording it.
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