Cats and socks and linkity, oh my!

Socks for my SIL’s birthday. Some sort of Regia with the DK Flatiron pattern.

MORE socks for my SIL’s birthday, plus Harry (not for her birthday). This was Opal with a R1: Knit, R2: K1, P1 pattern.

Not dead! Polly was purring away. 🙂

*thlurp* -Mayhem

3 thoughts on “Cats and socks and linkity, oh my!”

  1. I love the socks! And the kitties!

    Dragon = giant bird… yup, I could see that. Also, I always forget just how BIG blue whales are.

    I kinda like that castle house. I do NOT like that jungle bathroom. And I think I would want to install bookcases as walls in that round apartment. That would solve the problem of not enough flat walls.
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  2. Socks! Yay!

    Round apartment is cute!
    RV is wild!
    My first mobile phone (office-provided) was not much smaller.

    There was a wacky guy here a long time ago (guess it was in the ’80s) who drove a Pacer that had been decked out to look like a fish with a fin on top (the “fishmobile”). He called himself “Captain Nemo” and wore a crazy costume with a cape. I saw him a few times around town. He was totally nuts and eventually killed the contractor who had been working on building his “Captain Nemo’s Dinner Theater Atlantis & Fitness Center”. Died in jail some years back. I always remember him whenever I see a Pacer. LOL.

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