Linkity’s just watching the snow fly by

Mayhem looking very action-packed!

Poor sleepy Harry…

One of Polly’s attempts to sit like a people.

5 thoughts on “Linkity’s just watching the snow fly by”

  1. I love the Diana Wynne Jones LOTR quote! I hadn’t really thought about that before. Though about the LOTR walking challenge… you can also make your own tracker (or there’s an app) and “walk to Mordor” yourself without paying hundreds of dollars. I mean, the medals look neat, but that’s a lot of money.

    Wow! That house remodel would make me smile, too. I especially love the tiling on the stairs.

    The SFX on that email ad look kinda like fuzzy yarn, NGL…

    100% agree on the house you said it Too Much. I like a few of the rooms, but mostly I would find it exhausting. And yeah… that is not a “treehouse.” Fun, but it would also get exhausting with the theming.

    Wow. A gun for tollbooths? That is SUCH a bad idea… O.o

    Cute kitties are cute! 😀
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  2. That weird collection looks like wig stands, but since they seem to be encased in lucite boxes and look different, maybe they are specially shaped wig stands for unusual shaped heads. Just a guess.

  3. So – Spork and Spam. Now one is a fork/spoon combo that mostly fails as both, and the other is 99.9% of the Electronic Mail since 1977. You know, back in the day, only the very rich could afford Electronic Mail, and they’re still using it to help spread their inheritances around.

    That ain’t the way we Dress A Pig for Easter in my house.

    Love the caption: Allied Chemical makes the raw materials, not the finished water “shoes”. Kinda like saying “We’re cool, but we have some pretty flaky friends.”

    I’m wondering if I can put my Sack O Sauce and Can O Meat in the Trojan 2000 and drive over to the Climax Washer to get rid of the mess from when Tiny Betsy grabbed the wrong bottle? Want a nightmare? Give her tummy a sqeeze and watch the Reeking Smatch shoot out of her eyes, like quarters out of a Toll Gun. Which, btw, needs to be modified to a full automatic with double banana clips to handle today’s tolls! Of course, if I hadn’t been driving alone, Hitler wouldn’t have lost it in the passenger seat, and I wouldn’t have a Adolf Wetsy puddle to get rid of.

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