Linkity longs for spring

Mayhem focused on something, looking very action-packed!

Snuggling siblings!

5 thoughts on “Linkity longs for spring”

  1. Those stairways are just wrong on so many levels! See what I did there?

    That sweater ad makes me miss the 70s so much. Not just sweaters, but those guys with those hairstyles. Ah, life was good then.

  2. Okay, WOW. I had not even considered that those copies of Agent Smith might be ACTUAL ACTORS instead of CGI. O.o

    I love the mini office space! And the dragon coffee table! And the Very Large Kitties! (And your kitties, of course.)

    I got my preorder of Harbinger, and I’m looking forward to diving into more Elfhome. Though I haven’t started quite yet because I’m not sure if it’s been so long since the last one that I need to re-read them to get my head in the right place.
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  3. The steps on the egg slicer staircase are an emergency room visit waiting to happen. I am not coordinated enough to deal with that design and i see them frequently in compact houses now.

    SUPER INTERESTING to see the drama. What asshat dudebros.

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