Linkity on a lava floor

Some socks I knitted for myself from ancient Trekking yarn:

Harry staring into your soul…

Polly upsidedown cake!

3 thoughts on “Linkity on a lava floor”

  1. I remember those ads for the baby alligators (and baby squirrel monkeys)!

    Whole Foods, LOL…

    I wish I could unsee the pastel house.

  2. Hello kitties! Those are pretty socks! I love Trekking yarn for socks.

    I love that LOTR thread. It really brings home how people see what they want to see, since Tolkien really was explicit that war was bad, and yet “Tolkien-inspired epic fantasy” 99% of the time means that there’s a big war with no Everyman to balance the story. Grrr.

    I really hope we can just stop changing our clocks this time. I don’t care which way it goes, Daylight or Standard, just don’t make me keep throwing my sleep schedule off.
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