“I waver from the dead to the half dead.”

Update: Let’s try this again – apparently I managed to set this post as Private earlier. Whoops… Sorry! See the next paragraph……..

That quote from Atmosphere’s song “Smart Went Crazy” sums up how I still feel after the time change. Why is this so hard?! Actually, until I just looked up the lyrics, I’d always thought it was “I wake up from the dead to the half dead,” which I thought was absolutely perfect. Ah well.

Vicki Knitorious is having a contest to celebrate her blogiversary. Guess how many posts and comments she will have when she sits down to post on the first day of spring, and you could win a copy of Cables Untangled. Leave your guess through March 18.

Stephania’s giving away the socks she knitted for Sock Madness! If you have size 7 feet (about 8.5 inches long), leave a comment by noon CDT, March 16, and you could have some brand new spiffy socks.

Michelle is having a contest to name the cute sheep figurine she got. If the name you suggest by March 31 is picked, you could win fibery goodies.

Keana is having a blogversary contest! Leave a comment by 5 pm March 16 and you could win some Rowan or some of her own hand dyed sock yarn.

My apologies to the folks subscribed to my atom feed – the plugin that I’m using to keep the contest reminder up at the top of my blog seems to ping Bloglines every few hours, making it look like that post has been edited. Definitely time to ask the plugin creator about that…

Thanks for all the feedback on my RPM socks – I kept going with the STR and am about 2″ into the cuff.

Other than that, I got nothin’ today. Brain is a sleepy blank… I think Chaos has the right idea. Do you think my boss would notice if I followed his lead and took a little catnap under my desk?

“…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…” -C

27 thoughts on ““I waver from the dead to the half dead.””

  1. Sleepy brain! Hee hee! I know exactly how you feel. Need a mondo-huge coffee and soon…

    I’m so coming back as a cat in my next life. A pampered kitty…

  2. If you go to sleep under your desk make sure you have a look out in case you start to snore. Just passing on wisdom gleaned from my own experience.

  3. Chris- I think George on “Seinfeld” set himself up under his desk, with an alarm clock and everything.
    It would be interesting to see how long it took for someone to notice. I’m still in hiberation mode.
    Kitties are supremely intelligent beings- sleep, eat and sleep some more.

  4. All I can do about this DST thing is to continue grumbling….sleepily. As for the picture of Chaos—TOO cute! Don’t you love when they sleep on their back? 🙂


  5. Sometimes I think about napping under my desk, and then I remember that my desk is just a glass-topped table. Of course, no one else is here 95% of the time, so maybe I wouldn’t get caught.

    Hope you get adjusted to the time soon!

  6. It’s really not fair that all our kitties have to do is eat, sleep, and poop while we have to go to work where they won’t even let us take a nap!

  7. When I worked at a publishing company in the mid-70’s I was on the emergency crew of getting the international work out the door even if it took 36 hours straight. In one of the vaults where we kept photo negs were a couple of cots for cat napping, paid cat napping!!! I miss those days.

  8. DST – Day 5
    I’m still sleepy too. Can’t even manage to get out of bed on time or for that matter get back in bed on time.
    Hopefully a weekend will straighten things out.

  9. My boss and I are going around in “fibro fog” today so why not take a nap under the desk a la Chaos??!

    We’ve got a major weather change coming in tonight. That’s it. (sigh)


  10. omg, this time change has me completely addled.

    and sleepy.

    i love the pic of Chaos sleeping–with his big ol’ cutey feet crossed like that in front of him! i want to nibble on those toes! lol

    napping under the desk is highly recommended.

  11. I am often tempted to crawl into the knee hole of my desk – sometimes because I’m tired, but more often because it looks like it would be a nice place to hide…

  12. I think it takes your body at least until the weekend after the time change happens is over to adjust. It’s coming soon! Meantime…stretch, yawn, stick your head out in the cold and then curl up with the kitties.

  13. Tim is in his cardboard box again, lost to the world…I’m going to go take a nap myself now. They closed work early due to our lovely spring snowstorm. Zzzzzzzz….hopefully we’ll all feel better this weekend.

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