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  • Mayhem spent a rare night sleeping in my bedroom Friday night, as I can’t actually get her out of her thunderstorm hiding spot (and it would’ve been cruel to try). I awoke Saturday morning to Mayhem happily gnawing on my arm and purring. Way to be unobtrusive, May! Not.
  • We had an exciting Saturday weatherwise ’round here. Throughout the day, in no particular order, we had a heat advisory, a flash flood watch, a tornado warning, intermittent noisy thunderstorms, oodles of humidity, and the sirens going off in the evening. This probably didn’t help attendence for the local art fairs in Uptown, Loring Park, and Powderhorn Park.
  • Yikes. I’m closing in on post #1000. This post is #994.
  • I’m checking into getting a Dell Mini 9 laptop skin. I even know the design I want to get customized. (Many thanks to Limedragon for sending me that link some months ago!)
  • I actually knitted last week when Jeanne was over. I knitted an entire inch of my second Meilenweit cotton sock, only to realize that I was knitting it on 56 stitches, not 72. D’oh. *rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrip*
  • Many thanks to J. Kaye and Cecile for the recent blog awards. And much belated thanks to Lea for the Angel on My Blog Award a while back – I added the icon to my sidebar ages ago, but never mentioned it! (And apologies to anyone else who I haven’t mentioned on this one…)

“Pink! Feathery! Sparkly! Tiaray!” -Mayhem

31 thoughts on “Bullets’n’Tiaras”

  1. Atticus was a great big pile of goo for most of yesterday. We had your Saturday weather… It’s actually eerily similar. No tornado watches, but the wind was pretty fierce in the evening.

    The other two weren’t bothered. They may have jumped a bit with the really loud thunder (and it was at times); but Atticus was just a wreck. 🙁

  2. Oh goodness.. I had no idea that the ‘DecalGirl’ website even existed. I’m very excited b/c I have an “old” ipod mini and was just looking at it and wondering why I bought it in a rather boring gunmetal color… now I can have purple!

  3. That mini skin is too appropriate! Sorry May was tortured by the weather. We’re due for some this week. The cats don’t seem to mind, but the dog, oh my word.

  4. Yeah, it’s super super humid here too, and we had a wicked storm last night. I’m taking the kids to the zoo today because I’m a SUCKER, and I think I might just melt while we’re there.

  5. K was babysitting on Saturday nite; we had to watch the storm alerts at our house with her on the cell phone because the info was meaningless to her! Names of counties, towns, etc. Plus the sirens were all going off where she was (Deephaven) with no activity anywhere near her. So – she stayed happy and content watching Gilmore Girls!

  6. I saw that you had really bad weather on Saturday. Poor May! We had smaller storms yesterday – no tornado warnings, but windy anyway. Vinnie doesn’t like storms, either, and hides under the end table.

  7. Wow. I almost always use the same stitch count on my socks, which is a good thing or I would be seriously hosed for the socks I have had on the needles for over 2 years (umm, I’ve been too lazy to kitchener the toe of sock one… bad, bad sign).

  8. Chris- The weather has been wild here as well, but since Chops always insinuates himself in the bed, it was business as usual.

    I need to get my own room.

  9. The weather totally missed the cabin – however – we were overcast and chilly on Friday and overcast and humid on Saturday.

  10. That weather didn’t extend the 75 miles to me. Bear would like to thank the weather god(desses) for that. One of those goat towers is at a winery in South Africa, don’t remember which one, but they have a picture of it on their labels.

  11. You are more than welcome Chris – 1000 posts? WOW, I’ll never make it… lol

    May looks stellar – Tori still has her eye on that one. 😉

    Yeah we had the major weather weirdness here over the weekend too.

    And today – ickfest humidity wise…

    Have a good day.


  12. I heard about the crazy weather! Wow!

    I don’t suppose you’ve run across a place that will do custom skins with your own artwork, have you? I’ve been itching to use one of my photos (not decided on which) to put on my laptop.

  13. Poor May May – those thunderstorms are pretty nasty. I’m scared of them too. I can’t get over that Goat Tower and I love the laptop decal.

  14. sounds like you knit a little like me… I just ripped back a day or two’s worth of knitting, but it’s a scarf experiment, not so bad as ripping a sock…

  15. My parents drove through your area on their way home from Northern Minnesota Saturday. THey were wishing they had waited till SUnday to head home as they were pulling their little Scamp Travel Trailer.

    YOu guys had a crazy active weather day.

  16. The storms created quite the stir with the zoo animals in my house! It was wild & they were all quite upset when all the humans went out to the front porch to watch on Saturday night after the sirens went off 🙂

  17. It’s hot, humid and non-stormy here. We could use some stormy.

    I get the morning love slaps from Katie. 🙂

    Well the goats seem to be enjoying their tower. *shrug*

    Mayhem, you look marvelous in your tiara!

  18. Chris, you are too kind to give me a shout out!!! Thanks a million, but you honestly do deserve the award and many more!!! I absolutely love stalking… I mean visiting your place!!! I love Mayhem’s hiding place!!!
    I hope you had a great Monday and have an awesome Tuesday!

  19. WOW 1000 posts … Early Congratulations! Amazing…

    I have to say I stumbled across your blog by way of J.Kaye’s and I’m SO glad I did! I hope you’ll come by mine as well!

    I can’t help but love a kitty in a tiara!
    Especially the pink sparkly kind!

    xoxo AMY (Park-Avenue Princess)

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