Tired Tuesday

Teyani is having a contest to celebrate her new blog home! Leave a comment by midnight PST on 3/15 and you could win two skeins of Sock Hop yarn.

KnitNZu is having a contest – her 250th commenter will win two skeins of fingering weight Claudia’s Handpainted.

And remember – I’m having a contest! Leave your comments at the contest post by 5 pm CDT, March 19. And if you haven’t stopped by and read the comments – what are you waiting for? They’re brilliant! I hope everyone is having as much fun leaving comments as I am reading them.

Reading Update
Death of a Butterfly by Margaret Maron. I love the Sigrid Harald books, but they’re older and hard to find at my library or used bookstores…
Murder with Peacocks and No Nest for the Wicket by Donna Andrews. More Meg Langslow mysteries! I realized while reading Murder with Peacocks (the very first Meg mystery) how rare it is that I laugh out loud while reading. In Murder with Peacocks, Meg is home for the summer, doing all the grunt work for the three weddings (!!!) in which she is the maid of honor. No Nest for the Wicket (the most recent book) features an eXtreme croquet match…
24 Declassified: Veto Power and 24 Declassified: Cat’s Claw by John Whitman. Hee hee – really, not a lot to say about these. I guess they’re a guilty little not-so-secret pleasure. 😉

Knitting Update
I finally knit my little blanket for HollYarns and Cyrano’s Creature Comforts Drive over the weekend. (You have plenty of time – the deadline is June 2.) I’ve been meaning to and meaning to… and then I realized that my yarn was perfect for the current Project Spectrum color theme. Yup. That was all it took to get me knitting… Anyway! This is about 24″x24″ – I cast on 65 or 66 stitches of doubled Encore worsted on a US13 needle and knit until I had a square. This fortunately coincided pretty closely with running out of yarn. 🙂

*streeeeeeeeeetch* -M

I wish I’d taken the following picture at a higher resolution, so that you could see how long May’s little kitty eyelashes are. Awwww….

“What?! This isn’t staying here for moi?! Hmph. How can everything always be mine if this isn’t?” -M

22 thoughts on “Tired Tuesday”

  1. I agree with mouse…ugh! Tired Tuesdays…

    But, it’s always cute to see May pictures! I’m going to knit a bunch for the Annex Cat Rescue where I adopted Gandalf from.

  2. Love the blanket!

    I’m pooped, too! I hate DST. The weird thing is that Boogie is waking up VERY early. Shouldn’t she be tired, too?

  3. I finished the Kinky Friedman book, which was a bit of a disappointment, because I didn’t realize it was a collection of quotes and nothing about the guy himself. I should have done a better job flipping through it at the library.

  4. Mayhem, you’re cute but I don’t think you’re -that- cute! There’s kitties out there with no catstaff! CAN YOU IMAGINE. No mousies, no windows, no blankys to fur on, no balls to chase.

    I never had that, but Matisse tells me he was very sad when he was in the kitty shelter until the catstaff found him and took him home.

    Let’s call it a rare moment of generousity, just between us, mm?

  5. Tired Tuesday, indeed. now why is that?!
    Sweet blankie – are you sure it’s not for May?
    and thanks for all the book ideas. I’m heading out to the library this morning. I need a good new book to read.
    P>S> thanks for the contest mention (I figured it was you when my in box got flooded again this morning.. tee hee)

  6. May does look pretty on that color of yarn. Maybe she needs a blanket, too?! My aunt, who quilts, actually made two cat quilts (pieces fit together to make cat shapes with intertwined tails) for my mom’s cats. The quilts are human chair seat size, and the cats will sleep on the chairs with the quilts. Move the quilt and the cat will move. I think my aunt put some strong ju-ju in the quilts.

  7. I’m so glad to hear I’m not the only one who feels so exhausted!

    The blanket is sweet and of course May wants to put her scent on it, as a welcoming gesture for the kitty who will receive it. “This blanket has been tested and approved by Inspector May.” 🙂

    Over to your contest now I go…

  8. Thanks for the plug Chris! We have a winner…Lisa in Oregon (sahara knits). Did you get the little pouch I sent out last time? (I won’t feel badly if you choose to regift it!). Monday was rough…today better w/ the DST.

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