Looking at Libraries: Ridgedale

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I saw the Show Us Your Library Meme over at J. Kaye’s. Not that I usually participate in memes, but this one seemed perfect for me!

Although I live within a few miles of a startling number of libraries, I mostly go to three libraries. Two of those libraries are close to work, not home, making them great lunchtime destinations.

First up is the very large Ridgedale Hennepin Area Library, which is a five minute drive from work. Please excuse the lens flare in my shot of the exterior! (Again with the cell phone pictures, I know. Actually, the cell was perfect for taking pictures in the library – no flash, very quiet, and quite unobtrusive.)

The library shares a building with the district court, service center (motor vehicle licenses, etc.), social services, and a coffee shop. As you climb the flight of stairs to the second floor where the library is located, you see a lovely shared atrium between the first and second floors. Lots of light and small tables for relaxing with a cup of coffee to enjoy the free wifi.

Finally, the actual entrance to the library! That mysterious blue line on the floor indicates the actual length of a blue whale.

Looking back out toward the atrium from just inside the library entrance gives you a great view of the mural along the stairs.

No, I don’t know what the deal is with the red circle is, either. 🙂 Back inside the library… The computer area looked very busy.

The reference desk is just beyond the computer area. Not sure you can tell, but those rows of shelves go back and back.

The children’s area is lovely. There’s also a separate computer area for kids, although I didn’t take any pictures of it.

Yup, more skylights in this area.

The library overlooks trees and a pond. Please excuse the saturation on this picture (most noticeable on the chairs) – the tinted window really washed out the trees and I was trying to bring back a little green (not too successfully, either – it was verdant out there).

Finally, a sign in the the library bookstore (attributed to Gustave Flaubert):


“Well, that’s just silly. It’s eat in order to live, Mom.” -Chaos

24 thoughts on “Looking at Libraries: Ridgedale”

  1. I *love* our library. It’s not as nice as yours, but it’s new(er) and there’s a fireplace. So I’m sold.

    I’m impressed with the quality of your cell phone pictures. Not too shabby!

  2. Ridgedale Library has a coffee shop now? Nice! My favorite library is still the new Boulder Public Library. It goes across the creek. Then again, the Boston Public Library is just beautiful, too.

    Chicago public libraries are just atrocious. Sigh…

  3. Great library! It’s so nice that libraries are becoming such wonderful places to enjoy, instead of just dark dingy rows of books.

    We have a fairly new city library that’s awesome, too. It’s a great building, with a huge curved glass wall, and a crescent-shaped wall with stairs on the top so you can walk up it to the rooftop garden. Maybe I’ll have to blog it.

  4. Our library is almost as nice – not nearly as big, though. Sad to say, I spend more time at the Barnes & Noble across the street. I hate to wait.

  5. What a wonderful library! It reminds me of libraries at home. The public library here should be an embarrassment to the city, but since they can’t even afford to keep the school libraries open, I sadly don’t see things improving.

    Chaos, have you ever heard the phrase “one-track mind”? You should read about it. 😉

  6. Nice library! Our local library is not particularly impressive, but it’s only a mile from my house, so it has its advantages. Unfortunately, I live too far from the fabulous main Seattle library to make that a practical trip. If you ever get out here, you should check it out.

  7. Ah, libraries. One of my favorite places to visit when I travel. The Ridgedale library is remarkably similar to the Southdale one; library on second floor, other county services on first floor. I lost a US#1 dpn there few years back. Look for the plaque…

  8. Books are life, Chaos, but I do concede your point.

    Great library! The actual length of a blue whale taped out? Pray tell, why? Other than, cool.

  9. Here’s me. I look at one and say “wow”. Next picture, “wow” and same for the third and so on. Each one kept getting better…I want to move where you are. I’d spend my days there. 🙂

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