Contests and bullets and work, oh my!

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  • Dear Readers, I fear there will be many more bullet posts in our future.
  • Why, you ask?
  • Well, I have big project going on at work this month.
  • A project originally planned to finish in October or November.
  • A project I did not start coding on until Monday, July 27, after the Board of Directors told our CEO that it was our number one priority.
  • A project that must now be coded, tested, and deployed by September 1.
  • *gulp*
  • Last week, my brain was exhausted by the time I got home from work each day, incapable of additional complex thought.
  • So, yeah, more bullet posts, which are such a tidy way to do stream-of-consciousness, don’t you think?
  • Speaking of stream-of-consciousness, I have to admit that I’ve taken more pictures with my cell phone than with my Olympus 1010 during the past week or two.
  • That crappy two megapixel camera inadvertently creates interesting effects, especially after I turn the pictures black and white.

  • “I don’t like the sound of this work project, Mom. If it’s going to keep you away from home, I do not authorize you to work on it.” -Chaos
  • Funny you should mention that, Chaos, as I’m going to talk to my boss about working more from home for the duration of this project. That way, I can go for a walk or bike ride over lunch, which really refreshes me (and has already led to some project breakthroughs), plus I’m more willing to work later if I’ve already exercised and am sitting on my comfortable love seat. We’ll see how that goes. ๐Ÿ™‚

32 thoughts on “Contests and bullets and work, oh my!”

  1. Since they foisted such a big job on you and want it asap, the least the boss can do is make sure you’re happy and comfortable. If you want her to succeed Chaos, you’ll keep problems to a minimum. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Sounds like working form home may be the ticket – I got too distracted when I worked from home but I did get caught up on all my TiVo’d What Not To Wear episodes : – )

  3. I also think going to the boss with information such as: “I’ve taken a poll on my blog and 4 out of 5 readers agree that working from home makes me not only a better blogger, but a much better empolyee as I’m able to keep a much better work/life/blog balance”. See how that flies why don’t you. Oh – and if you need to “fake” up some eveidence of a poll, just create a dummy poll, and I’ll vote like a gozillion times!

  4. *pat pat pat* My sympathies on the work project trying to take over your life. Been there! I hope they let you work at home a bit more – I’m so much more productive when I’m here. A lot fewer distractions, and you’re right. A 10-minute walk to the coffee house down the street makes all the difference in productivity.

  5. Ack!! I hear you about work deadlines being altered Chris – stressful and awful…

    Good Luck! Bullets sound good to me girl…

    Thank you so much for the pimpage, I so appreciate it!


  6. And I admit that Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขve taken more pictures with my cell phone than with my Canon 30D during the past month because it is to dang hot to do otherwise!!

  7. Chaos Confidential: In times of a major offensive, cooperation and support on the home front if critical to mom’s success. In short, be good boy or no treats for you!

  8. Wow. I understand about deadlines. Hopefully you will get to work from home and will be able to prove that you get enough done that way to be better off there than coming into the office.

    Heck, I’d be banking on the working during the commute time alone as a reason for extra productivity!

  9. My fellow LAX parents were chatting about how they haven’t been downsized, but they have had to take on the work left behind and they can’t say anything because they want their jobs…

  10. Best of luck on your project! I hope the coding goes smoothly, and that your boss lets you work at home at least part of the time.

    Chaos, if you like tuna and treats (and don’t pretend you don’t), you’ll be a good kitty and let Chris work.

  11. We will certainly be happy with bullet posts under the circumstances! It is kind of you to think of us under such an enormous project/deadline…I hope it works out for you to spend more time at home with the furry ones!

  12. Good luck with the project! That doesn’t sound like a lot of time. Hopefully your boss will let you work from home. Whenever I have a pressing project like that, I find I can get more done at home since I don’t have as many interruptions.

  13. Oh Chris, I wish you luck with the talk and hope you can land the deal to work from home… not just for your sanity, but for your safety!! I would hate to see Chaos go phsyco on your boss!! I believe he can do it!!! I see it in his eyes! He loves his Mom to much!!! Besides, who would rub his tummy and stratch his back for him!!! LOL!!!
    I will say a prayer for you my friend!

  14. oh my. I completely have sympathy for insane work schedules……………. yuck. and yes, we will accept crappy cell photos as need be.
    I know all about having to scale back due to work schedules.

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