Attempting to relax

Sitting down to recuperate a bit from making cornbread stuffing to take to my brother’s in-laws tomorrow. It made me realize how very little cooking I’ve done in recent memory. Or in not-so-recent memory for that matter. I blame it on microwave popcorn; specifically, Orville Redenbacher’s SmartPop! Kettle Korn. The stuff should have a warning label: “This product is extremely addictive. Once you’ve had it, you will abandon normal dinner food and spend your evenings eating SmartPop! Kettle Korn and swilling chardonnay. Hee hee.” If I’d been forewarned, would I still have purchased that first box?

Recuperating turns out to not be particularly relaxing, as I did the old yardstick under appliances and bookshelves sweep earlier to retrieve cat toys. This means that Chaos is in “fetch mode.” “Fetch mode” requires two conditions. The first is the availability of one of several favorite fetch toys – tonight it’s been “sparkly purple mouse” and a plastic doohickey that once sealed a carton of Silk soymilk.

(Let me assure you that, blurry and spit-ridden as sparkly purple mouse is, he is much more photogenic than the plastic doohickey.)

The second condition is for me to be sitting down at my desk or, um, well, in my bathroom. Enough said about that.

Anyway, Chaos is so devoted to playing fetch these days that my shoulder has a perpetual faint achiness. It’s gotten to the point that I’m pretty happy when a treasured fetch toy is misplaced under a piece of furniture. I’ve known where sparkly purple mouse was lost since last Wednesday afternoon, and only retrieved him this eveninig. I’m pleased to report that he’s lost again. But don’t you think that Jeanne’s knitted Noro rug (thanks again, Jeanne!) shows off both Chaos and sparkly purple mouse to their best advantage?

5 thoughts on “Attempting to relax”

  1. Hi Chris! I followed you on over here from the comments on Laurie’s blog. Yes, tinned mushrooms. I think they stole one off someone’s plate once and ever since, they’ve known the sound of the mushroom tin opening. I have seen one of them climb vertically up the body of their owner to get at a mushroom.

    Btw – Chaos is absolutely adorable! He’s gorgeous – I had a cat that looked just like him for years.

    Chaos also has that “at any moment I may gallop madly around the house and knock small china things off high shelves” look.


  2. Thanks, Kellie! You are totally right about Chaos – he frequently gallops around like a maniac, just because. Not hard on the china (perhaps because there is none), but he did get really dizzy chasing his tail on top of the fridge and fall off once… I wonder what the neighbors downstairs thought was happening?? 🙂

    And I gotta tell you, I just am really loving the imagery of these cats freaking over mushrooms – esp being willing to climb people to get to them. Too funny!

  3. Your kitty is too cute! I had a kitty that looked just like him. We named her Boo-boo and she was a bit schitzo. She was scared of everything! I was the only one in the house that she ever got close to…and forget about her going outside! NO WAY! She ended up getting REALLY fat…poor thing…I don’t know what happened to her. 🙁

  4. Thanks, Pink Rocket! Maybe it’s a black cat thing, but Chaos would really like to be an extremely fat cat. 🙂 He was pretty hefty for a while, but no longer.

    And thanks for the offer of blogging tips – very much appreciated! I’ll have to stop by and check out your blog when I’m a bit more awake tomorrow. Onward.

  5. Wow, those plastic do-hickeys actually have a use? (We drink soymilk too) I’m not sure if I could trust my girls with one though… Sally has eaten dimes before so those probably aren’t out of the question either.

    One of their favourite ‘unconventional’ toys is a plastic bub ble from a vending machine with a nickel inside of it. It makes such a racket!

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