Pictures from a cell

The camera on my (Nokia 6301) cellphone takes pretty crappy pictures. But sometimes, such as when I’m biking or when I’m sitting on the couch and the cats are being cute, my cellphone camera is my only option.

Such was the case yesterday while I was riding my bike when the following sign on a boxcar gave me the giggles:

Embiggening may or may not make that actually readable!

How about this spectacularly blurry picture of Mayhem vamping out?

Or yawning. Whatever. 😉

Some photos can be pretty cute after some tweaking.

“Why aren’t you throwing my mouse for me? I am displeased.” -Mayhem

“Aren’t I just the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen?” -Mayhem

“Really, it’s not a hard question.” -Mayhem

“Still adorable back here!” -Mayhem

“Hmph.” -Chaos

31 thoughts on “Pictures from a cell”

  1. My Nokia’s a 6133 and its camera is fairly decent, too. Certainly better than the last camera phone I owned. And handy for those blogworthy signs which cross your path unexpecetedly.

  2. I saw a sign the other day that said HARD WOOD $5.99. I pulled over to take the picture (after I stopped giggling, of course) but it looked so shitty on my phone that I deleted it. But. HARD WOOD $5.99? PRICELESS.

  3. I LOVE Mayhem’s vamp pictures!! lol

    All the pictures are great Chris.

    That picture you took of the sign does lead to all kinds of ahemm… Musings… 😉


  4. Oh they are something else, them too!!! In the last one, Chaos looks to be giving up his profile look!! “See, I am a very attractive” They are to adorable!!!!

  5. “Pictures from a cell” – I was looking for prison pictures! Oh well, what can you expect from someone who works at a penitentiary …

    I really need to get out more.

    Mayhem is quite the model – it’s like a magazine spread!

  6. I’m picturing a lot of people approaching that box car and putting their vibrators back in their pockets with that “Oh, ok!!” look on their faces!!

  7. Mayhem is adorable. I think she looks more confused than displeased about the lack of mouse throwing. She just doesn’t seem to understand how you can be so dense: you’ve thrown the mouse before, so you know how, and clearly it is the only thing in your life worth doing, so why aren’t you doing it? Between feeding Chaos and throwing May’s mouse, your life should be complete. They paid me to tell you.

  8. I was looking for prison cell pix myself. Maybe that’s what happens when the vibrator – never mind. 😉

    Why aren’t you throwing Mayhem’s mouse? Is your arm still attached? Even barely?

  9. LOL at the boxcar sign!

    It’s so seldom that I take a picture with my cell phone that I’m not sure if I can even get them off.

    You can’t have anything better to do that toss a mouse.

  10. When I saw your title I wondered if perhaps you had been arrested for something. 😉 Nice signage, I’m sure that ruined a lot of passengers train riding experience though.

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