Linkity is very tired tonight

Not sure there will be any linkity for the rest of this month, because I have a class during my linkity-making time for the next three weeks. Winging it! 🙂

No reading update – too tired to pull that bit together.

“Is that photo going to make my tail look big?!” -Mayhem

Polly firmly bathing Harry and Harry reacting with DRAMA.

“…zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…” -Polly

Harry creeping on the neighbors.

5 thoughts on “Linkity is very tired tonight”

  1. Ugh. That thing about YA. So annoying, and one more way the publishing industry is showing its ugly side.

    Woah is right about that building. That would have been a trip to go inside in the morning with the building in one position and then have it be in a different position when you came out at the end of the day. Then again… it took 34 days to move. How many days did it take before the workers noticed the position shift?

    I don’t know that sticky rice cake, but it reminds me of some of my favorite Chinese desserts. We get them when we go out for dim sum. Soon… I can go out for dim sum again soon… (I guess by “soon” I mean sometime in 2021.)

    LOL, ship Tetris. 😉 Also, those Mini Puffs are very disturbing. And here I thought the huge one in the original Ghostbusters was bad.

    But… but… It *has* been a tough week. (And a tough 53 weeks or whatever.) And leftover Easter chocolate makes great little treats. 🙂

  2. Heh. I remember that we had that flame-colored electric skillet. And the avocado-colored electric can opener.

  3. SO true about YA! I am so tired of it.

    YA is YA. A book can be about a 16 year old without being YA. No that book about that 25 year serial killer is not YA

  4. Goth House is AMAZING! Took the full tour (82 photos?!?!), and all it needs is a security system with lots of robotic eye webcams, and a robot arm with chainsaw, happily turning out wooden stakes in the Crypt (Yeah, that’s right. Can your fancy schmancy laser printer do that?), and I’m set to move in. BUT, I’ll have to get rid of all the mirrors around the bed, if I want to save my ego from diving into the Well Of Despair in the back yard. Or maybe it’s a BBQ pit? IDK? HMMM, I wonder if any of the “Festival Of Color” appliances come in black?

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