Linkity blowout!

For your chance to win a Betty Crocker gf mix prize pack, leave a comment at Gluten Free Food Reviews by 11:59 pm, July 18.

JessaLu’s celebrating her birthday and that her box bags are going to be available at Sock Summit by having a contest. Leave a comment about which of her bags is your favorite for your chance to win one of them. Contest closes by midnight, July 16.

Does it surprise anyone that a study has found cats can control humans?

This documentary about “extreme cat ownership” sounds intriguing. I guess that’s the gender neutral description for cat ladies now?!

A-ha! I’ll have to keep this handy dandy reference list close, eh? The 50 cats of the apocalypse?!

If you need pet health information, PetMD might be helpful.

Ack! And here I was worried about people texting while they drive.

How to bake cookies on your car’s dashboard… Hmm. More or less distracting than texting and watching movies?!

Strategic cussin’ as a pain reliever?!

My brain totally does this.

Lifehacker debunks hydration myths.

Apparently people are more likely to return your wallet if you have cute baby pictures in it.

Turn an Altoids tin into a catapult!

Oh, this foldaway desk is cool.

Alas, the iSaw was a hoax. But maybe this handy usb kitten will ease your pain over the iSaw.

WARNING! This game could be addictive! WARNING!

“Really, I’d prefer it if you didn’t stumble over me, Mom.” -Chaos

22 thoughts on “Linkity blowout!”

  1. I susbscribe to a service that emails me when it’s time for Holli to take her heartwom and flea/tick meds! How lame is it that I can’t even remember to do that!

  2. I just signed up for the gf contest. No BC mixes around this area yet.
    Chaos, she only stumbles over you for one reason. YOU ARE THERE!

  3. Wow, that’s a LOT of interesting links!

    And the thought of people baking and watching movies in their cars makes that whole talking on the cellphone thing seem not quite so scary…

  4. Cool! I wrote an entire WTF Wednesday post on cats today and started it off with that same story of cats manipulating humans. Watching movies in cars… while driving. Not a good idea.

  5. After reading your blog for (years?), I added Lifehacker and Gizmodo and moderncat to my Google Reader, plus I already had icanhascheezburger. The trouble is that now I already know what your links link to 🙁 Takes all the joy out of life 😉 Guess you will just have to blog more knitting ::ducks and runs away::

  6. Let’s see… how long did it take me to go through all of those…

    I wonder if one of these guys giving instructions on making laptop stands for your car will get sued when somebody has an accident.

    I don’t want to wait 2 hours for my cookies. I’d get better results with an EZ Bake oven. I onc tried heating up a package of poptarts by sticking them in the sun on the dashboard while on a long drive. It didn’t work. Even after a couple of hours, they really didn’t get warm.

    I was thinking about that brain/swearing thing yesterday, and wondering what connection that might have to people with Tourette’s, or people with brain tumors who start swearing spontaneously.

    I read a story a couple of years ago by a doctor who claimed it was his research that resulted in the “8 glasses of water a day” thing. He said he had concluded that the human body needs about 64 oz of liquid a day, but that we get most of that from the foods we eat – a small fact that was omitted from stories about the research, which just picked up on the 64 oz per day thing. Who knows if that’s really where it came from, but I never worried about drinking that much water anyway.

  7. Great links! Although the in-car computer stand is very scary.

    My guess is, Chaos, that every time Chris gets up you try to herd her out to the kitchen in the hopes of getting another meal, making her stumbling your fault.

  8. Cats can control humans? who knew?

    That foldaway desk is cool. LOLcats….must page through…..

    If you’d just anticipate Chaos’ every move…..wait. Cats controlling humans?

  9. I think they forgot to include the Ghostbusters on that reference list.

    When I was a freshmen in college, I lost(?) my wallet somewhere in Harvard Square. A few months later, I received a package in the mail with all my credit cards and wallet photos neatly rubber-cemented onto 8×11 sheets of paper. I thought that was kinda freaky!

  10. How to bake cookies on the dashboard: move to Arizona.

    I once melted an AM radio on a car dashboard while visiting my grandparents in Tucson.

  11. You know, maybe our desire to multitask has gotten a wee bit out of control.

    I’m not going to download the game… I’m not going to download the game.

    I don’t think anyone who’s been around cats is surprised at the cats control humans story.

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