Linkity blowout!

For your chance to win a Betty Crocker gf mix prize pack, leave a comment at Gluten Free Food Reviews by 11:59 pm, July 18.

JessaLu’s celebrating her birthday and that her box bags are going to be available at Sock Summit by having a contest. Leave a comment about which of her bags is your favorite for your chance to win one of them. Contest closes by midnight, July 16.

Does it surprise anyone that a study has found cats can control humans?

This documentary about “extreme cat ownership” sounds intriguing. I guess that’s the gender neutral description for cat ladies now?!

A-ha! I’ll have to keep this handy dandy reference list close, eh? The 50 cats of the apocalypse?!

If you need pet health information, PetMD might be helpful.

Ack! And here I was worried about people texting while they drive.

How to bake cookies on your car’s dashboard… Hmm. More or less distracting than texting and watching movies?!

Strategic cussin’ as a pain reliever?!

My brain totally does this.

Lifehacker debunks hydration myths.

Apparently people are more likely to return your wallet if you have cute baby pictures in it.

Turn an Altoids tin into a catapult!

Oh, this foldaway desk is cool.

Alas, the iSaw was a hoax. But maybe this handy usb kitten will ease your pain over the iSaw.

WARNING! This game could be addictive! WARNING!

“Really, I’d prefer it if you didn’t stumble over me, Mom.” -Chaos