Cherries and brambles and country-fried steak, oh my!

Saturday was gorgeous, so I went for a walk. You know I can’t resist taking pictures of Spoonbridge and Cherry

A more traditional shot, with the Basilica and a bit of the IDS Tower in the background:

And some young ducks, enjoying the Spoonbridge pond. Duck butt!

A few blocks away from the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden is the Blake School, which has an amazing iron fence of brambles.

Back in my own neighborhood…

And home.

“This is my scratcher and I am prepared to defend it by any means necessary!” -Chaos

25 thoughts on “Cherries and brambles and country-fried steak, oh my!”

  1. Laser eyes!

    OK. Explain to me what “Country Fried Steak” is??

    I love your “Tour of the Neighbourhood” pictures! I actually remembered to take my camera out with me on Saturday, but got caught in pretty nasty thunderstorm!

    1. I am not exactly sure what “Country Fried Steak” is. I know what “Chicken Fried Steak” is (steak coated in breading before it’s fried) and assumed that this was similar. I’m positive it also involves biscuits and gravy.

  2. Cat eyes set to stun!

    BTW, I’m fairly positive that “Country Fried Steak” is the same thing as “Chicken Fried Steak” – a cheap way to cook up a low quality cut of beef and so to make it somewhat edible ;o)

  3. I love your photo shoots! that Spoonbridge and Cherry is awesome!! So pretty – The ducks are so cute.

    I like that Chaos has her spot in front of the books. 😉

    Have a great day Chris!


  4. I do believe that country fried & chicken fried terms are interchangeable. Of course they both use standard issue flour so you aren’t likely thinking Yee HAA!

  5. Country fried = take a cheap cut, pound the living H-E double hockey-sticks out of it, flour/egg/flour, then fry…and serve with white gravy. And I know this because I just watched Tyler Florence making them the other day, and of course, now I am craving one…did you have one, Chris?

    My cats jockey for space on the scratcher–we have the same model. I’d get two, but then there would be twice as many bits of cardboard strewn about the house…

  6. Oh Chaos, what glowing eyes do you have?!?! Those eyes tell me you WILL do whatever needs to be done to protect YOUR scratcher!

    I love the trip around your town!! Thank you for sharing that. The art in the ponds is so very cool!!! Love the duck butt!!! That is a priceless picture, lol!
    But of course my fave is Chaos… and I think Chaos is not only defending the scratcher… but the books as well!!!
    Hope you are having a great day!

  7. Maybe Country Fried Steak is a mystery meat? LOL! Here in Texas, we have Chicken Fried Steak, which is cubed steak, breaded and fried – like Fried Chicken. Then we have Chicken Fried Chicken, which is a boneless chicken breast, breaded and fried. Oh, btw, we say “Hee Haw!” here. *grins*

  8. My stomach revolts just at the thought of chicken/country fried steak–a serving of that must have more fat than a stick of butter. I was served it once at a friend of a firend’s house with french fries and some pie crust/chocolate pudding/cool whip dessert. I nearly died.

    Love the wrought iron bramble fence!

  9. That should be “Yee-haw” to the country fried steak. They sound horrible for you and are naturally delicious. My arteries are hardening just thinking of them. Yum.

    I yield the scratcher to Chaos.

  10. My cats race for the scratcher when I put new catnip on it. Sit on it just as Chaos is doing.

    Love chicken fried steak, but it hates me.

  11. Country fried steak varies around here but in North Carolina it was a piece of cube steak that you put in your favorite flour mixture, brown it in a frying pan with a bit of oil, then add water and let it simmer until done and coated in gravy. It’s terrible for you but awfully good when it’s made right. But around here, country fried steak is often the same as chicken fried steak.

    Katie guards her scratcher too!

  12. what a neat sculpture! mmm cherries! I just got some Rainier cherries (so expensive. so yum).

    ps. have we talked about S. Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series before?

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