Linkity’s nearly holding it together

2020 things – I’ll be meeting members of my family in a centrally located parking lot to exchange boxes of gifts with each other in a masked and socially distanced fashion. :sigh:

*put-upon sigh* -Mayhem

3 thoughts on “Linkity’s nearly holding it together”

  1. Hey! That fairy tale link references the Aarne–Thompson–Uther Index! I’m so happy every time I find a new reference to it. I really hope some day Seanan McGuire will write another Indexing book. 🙂

    I love Joe Hisaishi’s Studio Ghibli scores for listening to just about any time, not just while reading. 🙂

    Love the poetic justice. And the Dumpster fire New Year’s card. (Not to self: when and how did Epbot fall off my blog reader? Must fix that.)

    The license plate ones are great! Though looking through them for a livingsounds like a thankless, and not too fun, job.
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