Linkity is tired of being tired

*FOCUSED* -Mayhem

3 thoughts on “Linkity is tired of being tired”

  1. Thanks for the shout-out! I hope you can get some good rest/lowered anxiety soon and not feel so tired. (I hope that for all of us, really. Because I’m tired of being tired, too.)

    Alice is Missing sounds really interesting. My family has played a virtual escape room during this pandemic, and it worked a lot better than I expected it to. This sounds like something we might enjoy, also.

    Thank you Guy Fieri. And Dolly Parton. And why is the best and brightest hope coming from individual citizens and not our government? SMH

    Quick notes: Love the hope in LA. I want a storage reading chair, but a *comfy* one. And I think you just grab a pineapple and run.
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