Update on the bruise, the apologetic pole, and more

Just a warning, to see if we can cut down on the shock casualties, tomorrow I will be posting pictures of a finished knitting project that probably only Marina remembers I was working on.

Fyrefly’s giving away five copies of Emma Darwin’s historical novel A Secret Alchemy, which is about the War of the Roses. Comment before July 15 for your chance to win.

Lots of book contests listed over at Book Junkie.

It’s time for Box Topalooza again! Trek’s collecting Box Tops for Education and if you send her box tops, you’ll be entered in a prize drawing (last time it was a $25 Amazon gift certificate). (Oh, and I still can’t believe I guessed the correct dollar value of the quarters in Trek’s tea tin. Correct as in exactly. *blink blink*)

One of the reasons I announce contests here is because I win an awful lot of contests. That translates to me feeling the need to spread the chance for others to win. (Additionally, it’s a great way to introduce you to blogs you might not read yet and help those bloggers increase their readership.)

Some things that I’ve won recently: Once Bitten (from Midnight Moon Cafe), Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (from Historic Fibers), My Forbidden Desire (from Kelly Moran’s blog), Blood Ties dvd and book (from LoveVampires), and The Outlaw Groom (from Alexis Morgan, and hey, that’s an NK cover, but why is he wearing so much clothing?!).

Remember the apologetic pole? It looks exactly the same.

My leg is definitely looking better than it did in the pictures from last week. Here’s a picture from July 1 (last Wednesday), which doesn’t actually capture the bruise’s lurid shade of chartreuse. (Please ignore Chaos’s butt.)

Here’s a cat butt free picture from yesterday – I think the spots that are still bruised are where I initially hit the sprocket, before getting cut on it.

Oh, remember back in early April, when my Vitamin D level was 9.8? (Normal starts at 32.) I was rechecked last week and I’m up to 23.5. I’m still taking prescription Vitamin D, but now only once a week instead of twice.

I was out on my bike yesterday and what did I see out in Lake Harriet? A lake creature! Too bad I didn’t have my camera, but there are some great pictures at the link.

“I have admit, I’m a little concerned about your obsession with us lying on that towel instead of on the FURniture, Mom.” -Mayhem

28 thoughts on “Update on the bruise, the apologetic pole, and more”

  1. The bruise still looks ouchy. I’m on my last vitamin D pill, but my level wasn’t as low as yours.
    Mayhem, you already have the run of the house and you want more?

  2. Your leg looks much better. Nice healing;-D And, Miss May? She doesn’t look particularly concerned to me, but then again, I miss so many subtle signs;-P

  3. Yeah Mayhem, I don’t get it either. Mom always sez that I’m doing on purpose, not lying on the blanket and stuff.

    Mom’s are weird.

    Love, Gandalf

  4. I have to say that the bruise doesn’t look nearly as bad as I thought it would! Glad to know it is healing nicely.

    Is the vit. D making you feel better?

  5. The leg is looking – better!! Glad to hear about the VD. I get mine checked today and remember I take 5000iu per day cuz of freak neurologist!!

  6. You do win a lot of contests. Although, as they say about the lottery, you have to play to win, so that’s probably your secret.

    I, too, will have an FO in my next post. Plus, it will be my 3rd post in 2 days. I’m liable to kill off the few readers I still have with that!

  7. Your leg is definitely looking better – that’s good to see.

    I have to make a followup test for my vitamin D next week – hopefully I’ll be good enough to stop taking the prescription stuff.

  8. Your Lake Harriet creature has a sister plus a friend Triceratops in a field in Pasco WA. I wave to them whenever I see them munching away on the cheat grass.

  9. hmmm – the yellow in the bruise gives your leg that ever so other-worldly look, my dear…. and the scars might end up looking like a were-wolf scratch! ha ha ha
    So glad the vitamin D levels are better, and hope that it has helped you feel better as well.

  10. How could anyone ignore the butt of Chaos? I mean.. you did make an entire blog around him, its sort of a famous butt. Glad to see your leg is healing up..

  11. I’d forgotten about your low Vitamin D. Does it feel like the supplements are helping?

    Ach! That bruise! It does look better but it still looks ouchy.

    And what would your blog be w/o a pic of Chaos’ butt?

  12. Good news about the vitamin D and the leg healing!

    I don’t win contests very often, but I like to enter anyway. Entries is also a way for a blogger to find new blogs. I have definitely found a few that way!

  13. So glad your leg is doing better.
    My cats laid on the back of the couch, so I put a blanket on it. Now they lay in the seat of the couch, where there is no blanket. Go figure!

  14. Oh oh is the knitting project black? Wait, that doesn’t narrow it down much, does it. 😉

    Hey that’s great news about the vitamin D and the leg is looking better although it looks like it still has a ways to go.

  15. Good health news, Chris! I’m low D also, but all I need is 28,000 IU per week.

    The Creature in Lake Harriet is almost as cute as cat butt :o)

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