Warning: This post may contain potentially alarming or addictive links

Whoops! I should’ve linked to more proof that Chaos is a ‘fraidy cat yesterday. Anyone remember Chaos and the Attack of the Killer Zucchini?

Amy’s giving away a signed set of Anne Ursu’s Cronus Chronicles trilogy, which is for young adults. Answer one of Amy’s questions in the comments before July 13 for your chance to win.

Jackie of Literary Escapism is giving away a copy of The Sinful Life of Lucy Burns. Answer Jackie’s questions in the comments before midnight, July 14, for your chance to win.

For more scifi/fantasy/paranormal contests, author interviews, and news, head over to Fantasy Dreamer’s Ramblings. Anna (of Pine City, Minnesota!) also has a nice list of paranormal and romance contests.

This online black cat game is very, very addictive. You have been warned.

Shhhh… don’t let May see all the tiaras or she’ll start up about needing a furry sparkly pink one again!

If you live in the Twin Cities and you follow the Tour de France, be aware that the Riverview Theater will be showing the Tour for the next three weekends, starting quite early in the morning. Check out the details over at A Closer Look at Flyover Land. I’ve gone to this in the past, and it’s a fun and intense experience – especially during the last two days of the Tour.

Ah, usb peripherals, how out of hand you are… The iSaw? Gizmodo also has a roundup of novelty flash drives, although I’d be careful about clicking some of the links, personally.

Woot! Both the Department of Justice and the FCC are looking into cell phone exclusivity deals. About time, isn’t it?

Coffee grounds used to make yarn for t-shirts?! I want to know when I’ll be able to buy skeins of the stuff. 😉

Wenat has an amazing gift for making pooling stoles and she shares her knowledge and patterns!

Hmm – how to use a ball of yarn to make an all natural dryer ball. Now, wouldn’t that give you static problems?

Lifehacker has a list of the five best online image editors.

And bless you, Lifehacker, for this one on how to get rid of lingering cooking smells.

Shhhh… Chaos is sleeping off his anxiety from those scary shorts

“….zzzzzzzzzzz….” -Chaos

27 thoughts on “Warning: This post may contain potentially alarming or addictive links”

  1. Stupid…cat…game…

    Those are some interesting ideas for absorbing cooking odours. I like the lemon water one myself.

    Chaos looks like he should be cuddling something to keep the scaries away.

  2. linky-ity-link link link! ;-D (and yeah… I’m not clicking either.. at least not right now.. must go to work.
    rest well handsome Chaos.

  3. I want an iSaw, because it is just a funny idea.

    I’ve used Picnik, but normally I just use a desktop app. On my PC I use PhotoFiltre, which works pretty well. On my Mac, I just use what came with the Mac, which took quite a bit more getting used to (like needing to export out the image after making changes). I like Picnik though for red eye removal. It’s one of the quickest little tools for red eye that I’ve seen.

  4. Great.. that cat game was ALL I needed after being introduced to online 8-ball pool last week. When my family doesn’t get fed tonight.. I’m totally going to blame it on you.

  5. Poor Chaos. His is a terrifying world, beset by monsters at every side. Cute snoozy picture though. I see he’s not losing much sleep over said monsters.

  6. Okay I had successfully avoided the black cat game until now.

    LOL at the USB chain saw! I guess it could be useful for threatening people when you don’t want to be bothered.

    Good ideas for the lingering cooking smells problems, also the ones in the comments. Although I would think boiling water and vinegar would just add to the problems.

  7. oh that cat game is awful! it’s too much like trying to corral Pepper when she’s in a “leave me alone you human” mood 😀

  8. I love your linky days. But then I end up spending more time online and less time reading!! YIKES

    Hope all is well Chris… Chaos looks peaceful. 🙂


  9. Hey, I’ll put out a bowl of vinegar tonight! The girls have been particularly doggy smelling (plus keeping all the front windows closed), and we’re having company arriving tomorrow… oh, and a 3rd dog has been here this week, sid their bro.

    Poor Chaos! Do you hang your bras off the bike too? THAT might cause the poor boy some stress!

  10. Thinking I better stay away from black cat game, I have plenty (or too many) addictions as it is. 😉 Oh, heck! I’ll probably mosey on over anyways. What’s one more, right?

    Thanks for the mention!

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