If Mayhem had a superpower…

When I drove to work this morning at 6:15 am, it was -15°F, with a windchill of -30°F (-26.1°C and -34.4°C respectively). Brrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Just in case you missed it, Friday’s post contained links to a lot of contests. Here are a few more:

Wen is having a contest for Knit From Your Stash participants – take a picture of a “crime against yarn” that you committed, post it to your blog, and leave a comment with the link for Wen before February 9 at midnight PST. She has some lovely yarny prizes for you to win!

Julie’s having a two-part contest. For the first, leave a caption for a very cute picture of her cat, Mr. Mugatoo. For the second, guess how much Mr. Mugatoo weighed when he went to the vet Friday. Prizes include a skein of STR, Fred Flintstone colorway. She’ll take entries until February 8.

Limedragon reviewed various bookholders last week, with a particular eye to how well they would work for reading and knitting. Her summary with links is a valuable resource for knitting readers and reading knitters alike!

So, if Mayhem had a superpower (as the amazing Kitten Girl), it would be making everything into a dangerous toy.* I am sure many children also have this superpower.

Behold the seemingly innocuous knitting bag, perfect for a sock project…

“Mom, there are other kitties on this bag!!! Is there something you’ve been meaning to tell us?!” -M

Now somehow turned into a tourniquet around May’s middle!

“Well, if that doesn’t beat all…” -M

“Help! Help! I’m hit!” -M
“Melodramatic much, May?” -C

“Tell Mom I love her…” -M
“Sheesh, May, tell her yourself, since she’s standing right there taking pictures of you in your shame!” -C

*For the curious, Chaos’ superpower is meowing.