Chaos and the very, very scary…

…pair of shorts.

“zOMG, there’s a monster hanging on the exercise bike handlebars!” -Chaos

“Hey, big kitty, why so poofy? Oh, look, something different.” -Mayhem

“Looks like Mayhem will be the first to die in the undoubtedly sharp jaws of the monster…” -Chaos

“Y’know, big kitty, I don’t think this is a monster.” -Mayhem

“She’ll see the truth, when she dies in terrible agony, devoured!” -Chaos

“In fact, I think this is a pair of Mom’s shorts.” -Mayhem

“Monster shorts that have probably already killed Mom, leaving us poor, starving orphans!” -Chaos

“Poor Mayhem. She had such a short life and such a brutal end.” -Chaos

“Um, big kitty? Right here. Alive. Whatever.” -Mayhem

“Here I go, into mortal peril.” -Chaos

This is the end, my friends, the end.” -Chaos

Please note that neither melodramatic cats nor drying shorts were harmed during the making of this post. I hope you’ll forgive the crappy pictures. My camera seems to have trouble with poofy black cats. You’d think there’d be a special setting.

36 thoughts on “Chaos and the very, very scary…”

  1. LOL, silly kitties. It doesn’t take much to shake up their world.

    When my new mattress was delivered, (and I was laying on it for the first time), they would only peek in the room, their eyes the size of coins. It was so funny…

  2. I like how Chaos combines the poufy fur with the massively wide legged stance. Nice style. But still a bit of an over reaction – it’s not like I walked by wearing the shorts. THAT would be scary. 🙂

  3. Horses do the same sort of buckwheating when they spot a new object in a familiar location. Seeing a one ton animal scared of the garbage can that was moved ACROSS THE STREET- very funny.

  4. I love kitty antics, especially when they don’t involve damage to personal property.

    If I was running an insurance company, I would have some kind of addendum saying that the insurance didn’t cover acts of cat in itty bitty print with a cat damages rider or something that people could buy. I’d be the first to sign up for the cat damages rider (silly kitty wants to eat the world).

  5. Hee hee. I found out recently that Capt. Jack is afraid of anything resembling a snake… the cord to the portable box fan terrifies him.

  6. It is so funny and cute when cats spook. A pair of shorts! Poor Chaos! One of my kitties has this hiding place behind the cabinets–sometimes he spooks off the sound of the blender, which is right by his hiding place, and ends up running TOWARD the scary thing in order to hide from it.

  7. ha ha hah
    oh how I love it when they get all poofy over nuthin. silly critters.
    And nary a word about attempting to rescue Mom……

  8. Back when I had two cats, I found the female was usually the braver one. In the natural world, she’d be the one with a litter to raise.

    Thanks for the pics. It was a cute, funny post. Black cats really are hard to photograph.

  9. Perhaps we should just assume Chaos had been into the ‘nip and wasn’t thinking clearly–also would explain his only concern at Mom’s death being he would starve. Mayhem surely showed him up!

  10. I love the things that set them off. Currently Benny likes to walk up to Harley, sniff his paw, get poofy, and then do a kung-foo-fighting thing at the poor dog. Benny is not exactly “Mr. Fun”

  11. OMG… these two are killing me!! They are hiliarous… Mayhem… dude, I am alive… hello… here… whatever…
    Then Chaos… we are going to starve.. Mom’s dead… not having a good day!
    This was funny! Thanks Chris!!

    My older dog, the multipoo, Chewy is his name, is scare of the tiniest thing… And it is sooo funny!!

  12. Mine occasionally decide normal items that have beent here for aaaaaages are big, scary monsters. Doe sit make me evil to admit I sometimes make the monster move so I can watch kitty jump 3 feet straight up?

  13. Why isn’t there a setting for poofy black cats? It seems like an odd ommission.

    It’s so sweet of Chaos to be concerned about Mayhem.

  14. In our household, Hoop would have taken the spooky shorts and chased the animals around the house with them. Our poor dog is so traumatized. 😉

  15. Too funny!
    My shoes sitting by the door do the same thing to one of my cats—–every day. Looks like she would learn what they were.

  16. OMG! if a camera manufacturer ever comes out with a “poofy black cat” setting (or a black cat setting in general…) I’m *so* getting it! 😀

    glad everyone survived the monster shorts!

  17. Why are the girl cats so much braver than the boys? Rosie sits right at the window to watch the thunderstorms. Guess who hides under the bed? I’ll bet it’s the same with your house.

    I’m just waiting for someone to develop “cat eye” on a camera. We have red-eye reduction, but it doesn’t work for glowing cat eyes…sigh.

  18. Giggle… Poor Chaos. It’s hard being stalked by monster shorts.

    Katie will do similar things sometimes. There will be something ordinary in the house but for some reason Katie will puff out in case it attacks.

  19. I agree with the others – girl cats are braver than boy cats. Ricky definitely spooks more easily than Phoebe. He likes to sleep in the upstairs hallways. If you walk up the stairs slowly, he’ll poof up because you scared him. Another time, I made Ricky think the quilt was alive. He was asleep on the bed and I was trying to straighten it so I grabbed a corner of the quilt and gave it a sharp tug. Rick jumped a mile and ran off the bed. He came back a few minutes later, jumped on the bed, walked over to the corner, and slapped the quilt several times to make sure it was dead.

  20. God, that’s funny! Cats get freaked out by the weirdest things. Last night, Zander was asleep on the arm of the sofa. Blue was on the sofa proper just below him. Suddenly, Blue got all weirded out because Zander’s tail tip moved. Blue looked like he wasn’t sure what that thing WAS. He did that back-up-and-stare-wide-eyed-at-it-frozen thing. Cats.

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