Flashback Friday

Holly’s holding a Creature Comforts Drive in memory of her beloved cat, Cyrano. She’ll be collecting handmade blankets for pets until April 13 and there will be prizes (besides making life more comfortable for animals in shelters).

Susan knit her brother Steve a binary hat. The first person to decode the hat’s message wins a skein of yarn!

I got nothin’ today. I’m so tired! No, no, not from staying up late to watch 24 – I’m done with season three and waiting for the next two seasons to arrive. No, it’s the tail end of my cold – I feel pretty good during the day, but when I lie down to sleep, I can’t stop coughing. Nothing’s really helped. No, I can’t sleep sitting up – I’ve already tried. 🙂

Anyway, I rummaged around in my “not used yet” photo directory and pulled out some oldies that I never got around to posting. (Are you happy now, Cyn?!)

Here’s Chaos’ paw, May, and a furry red mouse (not SRM) hanging out at the end of September.

“You do realize that I can crush you with just one paw, don’t you?” -C
“Must. Eat. Mouse. Tail.” -M

May fighting with Chaos in mid-October.

“Ok, winding up the Paw Of Death… Don’t say I didn’t warn you!” -C

And May in my Birkie in mid-October – those are size 43, if that helps you with kitten scale.

“There was a clever kitten girl who lived in a shoe. She had so many toys, she knew just what to do!” -M

32 thoughts on “Flashback Friday”

  1. Oh kittens is shoes! Nothing could be more cute! I hope you can get some rest this weekend. I those coughs too…never ending. It sucks!

  2. Baby May… Funny, I was looking through my pics yesterday, and came across a few of Baby Gandalf too. (Oh, they’re still babies!)

    So, I hope you start feeling better soon! My tip – take a bath in Epsom Salts if you can, it’s amazing how it’ll clear up EVERYTHING.

    Stay warm too!

  3. She’s so freaking cute! It’s the look that says it all “meow, I’m sooooo pretty!”

    Oh and you’ve been tagged on my blog…

  4. (sigh)
    Love baby kitty pics.
    Miss baby kitties…oh wtf, I’ll head to the cat show this weekend and see plenty of them. I don’t have to drag one home. The Meezer wouldn’t be happy. Nope.Not.Kittens.
    Right. No.Kittens.In.My.House.

  5. Oh cute kitten pictures! What is it about cats and wrestling with shoes. Hope you’re able to get some rest over the weekend and get past the coughing stage soon.

  6. Everyone makes fun of me, but I take dimetapp DM at night when I have a hacking cough. Yes, the purple grape tasting stuff for kids. I take the biggest dose recommended, and i”m out for the count.
    Thanks for posting the baby pics! I love em!

  7. I love that kitten in a shoe pic! And the kitten, paw and red mouse….and the fightin’ kitten…..hmm. I sense a trend here.

    Poor Chris! Skip the dimetapp and go straight for the hot tea laced bourbon and lemon.

  8. Drink tea and nap. It’s the only thing left for you to do. Just don’t do them at the same time. That creates another set of problems.

  9. When I’m sick and coughing in bed, the only thing that helps is a prescription cough syrup with codeine (mine is promethezine). A little more than the recommended dose, but not more than twice (like almost 2 tsp vs 1). Then I lay back. Put the tip of my tongue on the roof of my mouth (this I have heard is some tai chi energy connection thing). Pretty soon my mouth gets fuzzy. My brain gets fuzzy. I get about 5 hours of sleep until it is time for a repeat. But be careful not to do two of these “overdoses” in a night…you’ll wake up hung over. And a couple of nights on codeine does nothing good for your digestive system. (think you’ll be wanting juice and bran muffins for a couple of days). NONE of the otc stuff works anymore. Thankfully I haven’t had to do this AT ALL this year! Woo hoo! Other wonderful things… a hot steamy pot of mint and/or eucalyptis and/or mullein and a towel over your head. Does wonders for your skin too! 24… so have you been watching the new season on the tv? I thought we were 2 seasons behind, but it is 3, so we’ve been watching and will play catch up later.

  10. Oh, I justify the extra syrup because I’m about 150 pounds… I don’t know what the “reference woman” is anymore, but I used to think I was bigger than most…not so sure anymore.

  11. Cold yuck :o( Sorry to hear it is still hanging on :o( That binary hat is interesting – will have to keep an eye out for when the answer comes up! May really wishes they made Kittenstocks in her size!

  12. Oh, cute cats! I wish kittens didn’t grow so quickly! I want more time to experience every little thing my little Mamoko does as he grows up.

    Thanks so much for mentioning (and linking) to my charity drive for my dear, beloved Cyrano. And, yes, you are so right–the best prize is making animals’ lives better and more comfortable. But, there is no denying we all love yarn (even the cats, unfortunately!).

  13. You don’t need pics of Alfie. Just look at Mayhem at 4 months old and you’ll see him exactly.

    Besides, every time I’ve pulled out the camera that little devil’s been off like a shot to a hiding place in the basement I can’t find.

  14. haha, that last picture cracks me up. I didn’t realize that May had blue eyes… or is it the light?

    ps: you will love season 4 and 5 of 24!!!

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