Linkity regrets to inform you that it was server update night again

So you get disorganized speed linkity! Well, I did make ONE section. You’ll see…


“Don’t make me come over there and smack you!” -Chaos

4 thoughts on “Linkity regrets to inform you that it was server update night again”

  1. Definitely the cutest Darth Vader ever! <3
    Is Chaos going to smack you because you were going to try that outfit on him?

    The robot tongue is wild!

    Kafkaesque nighmare is right.

  2. GOOSE GAME GOOSE GAME GOOSE GAME! I saw this on Twitter and it made my day! (Made my week, even.)

    Love the Star Wars USPS crossover. And the Target T-Rex Adventures in Extreme Chompin’.

    I have hated The Giving Tree for ages. I remember someone (I think it was my mother) telling me that I “would understand when I had kids of my own.” After that I hated the story even more. I will admittedly judge people based on their opinions of The Giving Tree (and whether or not they listen to my critique of it).
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