Sassy ghost

Louise is having a contest to celebrate her birthday. Guess how many skeins of yarn she and her friend Rebecca will purchase while they’re in NYC this week and you could win some yarn! Submit your guesses before midnight, CST, January 27.

Abigail is having a contest – the person who submits the 100th photo of a Four Corners Dishcloth (a pattern Abigail wrote) will win a prize.

I was looking at some baby pictures of May and found this ghostly image from September:


In knitting news, I’ve started another pair of socks – you’re all shocked, right?! 😉 This pair isn’t for me but will be a gift. The yarn is Cascade’s Sassy Stripes Superwash, which, besides having a silly name, splits like crazy if you have to tink at all. Other than that, I like the yarn.

“I don’t know, Big Kitty, Mom got awfully mad when I bit through her yarn last time…” -M

The stitch pattern is from Kristi’s free Gentleman’s Socks and I think it works really well with self-striping yarn.

44 thoughts on “Sassy ghost”

  1. Chaos and May –

    Try telling her that you need to chew on the yarn for “more fiber.” Point out that you’ve heard that fresh, sushi-grade tuna is a good source of “fiber.” If you can catch her when she’s really tired, you might just get away with it…

  2. You might want to check the Louise contest – I think you’re missing something. I’ve never seen “Sassy Stripes” before – very nice!

  3. That is one crazy picture!!! I love it!

    The socks look great, and I think you make a great point about the striping yarn. As much as I love self-striping yarn, it can be hard to make it work with a fancy stitch pattern. This pattern is just right with the stripes!

  4. Very nice detail shot on the socks – May and Chaos are acting like true sock yarn connoisseurs there 😉

    Amazing line there in the ghosty image – where she moved and the highlight of her eye/whisker? streaked across the camera!

  5. napoleon and i are pleased that chaos found his srm. naps is constantly losing his little mices beneath things, and also to earl’s mouth because earl hasn’t learned the concept of “mine” and “yours” it’s all “ours”… or just “his”

    that sock is lookin mighty fine also. i’m going to start work on a sweater for early soon, and a NICE LONG WARM SCARF for me! which means i need another trip to the yarn store, yay!

  6. I really like how the yarn is striping, but the splitting? EEK. would drive me bonkers. Could we have a REAL baby photo of May please?

  7. that sock is cool (and i know about as much about socks as mike ditka – i’m generalizing here, but you get the idea)

    that pic is cooler than the other side of the pillow

  8. Cute sock!
    So is Chaos just trying to get May in trouble here? “No, no, really, she LIKES it when you puke up hairballs on the floor!” I’m pretty sure that my cats have conversations like this.

  9. I was wondering how that yarn would knit up – it looks pretty cool! I like how you’ve modified the pattern to be toe-up, too. How do you do the heel? I haven’t found a toe-up flap heel pattern that looks right yet.

  10. scary picture, the transprant head cat.

    Hey check out my blog today for a link for Holly Yarns, she’s having a charity drive for her local animal shelter. Maybe you could help spread the word????

  11. I love the spooky picture! And the way there is a little swirl in the towel (?) behind May where her eye would be just adds to the spooky look.

  12. SRM is more of a ghost than May is… May being rather visible, and SRM being in the habit of disappearing for stretches of time and then mysteriously and randomly (and briefly) appearing out of nowhere!

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