Of Contests and Calorimetry and Cat Spit

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Besides finishing the socks, I also started and finished Calorimetry from knitty over the weekend. I knit it from a stray ball of Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran and I had less than 18 inches of yarn left. I cast on 100 stitches, instead of the 120 that the pattern called for. I also skipped one set of short rows, but I should have skipped two sets – it feels a little wide to me. Here’s an exceptionally crappy picture of me modeling it as my able assistant attempts to run away:

“I never go outside, so I certainly don’t need anything to keep my ears warm!” -M

Since she didn’t model, you might be wondering what assistance Mayhem provided on this project. I present Exhibit A, complete with a few spots of cat spit where she gnawed through the yarn:

Mayhem professed innocence of any wrongdoing whatsoever:

“What do you mean, I’m not supposed to be on the table?! How did you even notice me amongst all this clutter?!” -M

She is such a teenager now!

61 thoughts on “Of Contests and Calorimetry and Cat Spit”

  1. Wow.. that is a bit big. I thought about making one myself since I seem to have entirely too much hair to fit under a standard knit cap.. so I’ll remember your modifications. Minus the cat spit.

  2. I made Calorimetry and it was too big as well, out of Manos. I am thinking of redoing it, because I really did like wearing it when we went up to the lake this weekend, it was just too long and a tad too wide.

  3. Ok, you and Birdsong…so now I guess I have to put this on my to-do list! It does look a bit big, but still plenty warm…
    May is really big! I have to remind myself, when I see the two together, just how big Chaos is before I can connect HER size now…ah teenagers…WHAT FUN!!

  4. See…I’m still too inexperienced to know how many short rows to cut out…I’ve played with it a bit – more along the “huh. This looks good” line rather than actually *knowing* it’s a good place to stop. I’ve made 3 now, a h*u*g*e one, a very Large one, a “just right”one, and a small one- for a 3 year old. Yours looks great!

  5. I love that last picture! I wear my Calorimetry every morning on my walk (the second one I made… the one I made with about 3 short rows left out!)

  6. Lots of people have talked about downsizing the Calorimetry pattern. I’m thinking of making one — is it pretty easy to figure out how to make it smaller?

  7. you know, once again it seems that May must be a close cousin to Em and Di who live here – they all “contribute” so much to our knitting (tee hee) and tabletops have become the favorite place of all.

    Great headband btw – it looks perfect to me.

  8. LOL, that face…pure innocence. See me here sitting on the table, so innocently? Do you like my halo? …Horns?…oh yes, they hold the halo in place!

  9. My cats stay off the table when we are home, thinking they have fooled us. With out fail the table cloth reveals the truth, a round spot of hair where one of the cats slept. Not to mention the stray bits of cat litter on the table, I am pretty sure I did not put those there.

  10. Oh man, that’s a familiar sight…Dallas is always getting into stuff he shouldn’t these days. Don’t you just love the teenage pet phase?

  11. I think it looks great! I have a ton of hair, so it’s what I would need as most hats end up making me look like a cone head by the end of the day.

    Uh, so you do realize that they are probably drapped all over the table and counters right now?

  12. May? I don’t see any May – just a furry piles of mail waiting to be sorted… a black furry pile..hmmm I think May has been taking hypnotism classes ;o)

    I like calorimetry – it looks like an interesting and quick project.

  13. Lucy did that to me once. I was knitting and suddenly had just a soggy cat-spit soaked end of yarn in my throwing hand. Lucy was sitting on the floor beside me with that “who me” look on her face. I think that she really thought she was helping.
    I’ve seen so many of those calorimetry head things around that I’m almost tempted to try one. It’s not like I don’t have yarn around here.

  14. My mom’s cats always sit at the table when they eat, not on the table, but at the two chairs that are extra. It’s quite funny.

    I like the headband, but I agree it’s a bit wide. I think I’m going to knit myself one of those this weekend I wore a headband to work yesterday and it killed my head, I bet a knit one would be much more comfy.

  15. LOL! I love that look Mayhem is giving you from the table.

    Able and agile assistance. Also nothing wrong with her teeth. Good to know. Not so good how you found out.

  16. Oh, a kitty centerpiece. Katie has done that a few times. I would be knitting along and come to a soggy yarn end. I think your Calorimetry looks good, and just about the right size.

  17. May: MOM! You found the gnawed yarn too quickly. I was attempting to do a spit-split joint when I realized I had the spit but not the palms to rub the yarn back together. I was just going to get a glue stick.

  18. May is looking at you in exactly the same way that Terry looks at me when he is up on the table! “What? Whats wrong?!” She is getting to be so big!
    My calorimetry ended up with 1 too many repeats in it, but I left it. It is a bit big, but still fits well.

  19. I’m sure Miss May has a legitimate reason for being on the table. Probably keeping all those important papers from blowing away or something…
    So that’s what you look like. For some reason I had a totally different image of you in my head. (Like, you had dark brown hair, etc.) Nice to put a face to the name.

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