To appease the restless knitting knatives…

So I couldn’t help but notice in the comments yesterday that some of the knitting knatives are getting a bit restless over my lack of knitting. I’m not sure that my most active project is going to appease anyone… Behold, the boring sock.

Pretty impressive for, um, five or six weeks of work, eh? 😉

“That’s it?! I have to admit, I was hoping for something a little better than Meilenweit Cotton, Mom.” -Mayhem

31 thoughts on “To appease the restless knitting knatives…”

  1. The book looks really great! I love the pics with the kitty in it. Beautiful. I am a dog person myself.

  2. Yay- knitting! I have some pretty random & boring things on the needles right now too.. its a lot of stockinette- which doesn’t make for interesting blogging.

  3. Hell, impressive… I am in total awe… Could it be because I do not know a thing about knitting… expect that your kittens love the yarn!!!
    Teyani is right…. (boosting May’s ego a bit) Has some gorgeous eyes!! And I wonderful if her evil thoughts are of unraveling the sock!! LOL!

  4. Nothing wrong with the sock knitting. Even slow knitting can eventually be done knitting. I have at least a few pairs of socks that are at the heel stage (and one sock that is waiting for me to graft the toe, and has been waiting for me to graft the toe for well over a year now).

  5. Well, the yarn is a lovely blue, and it matches the project bag quite nicely. But I, like May, have not been all that pleased with the cotton blend sock yarns. Although I don’t test them by chewing…

  6. Better then my fuutre next 10 years of knitting pictures, the bedspread at 6 inches, 7 inches, 10 inches, 40 inches, etc…..all in cream. All the same thing over and over again. Jeesh I’m boring myself.

    Good thing I have a black dog and a grey dog to help with the pictures, like your Chaos and May do.

  7. I think it’s lovely. And it sure is not boring sock to a non-knitter who has holes in all her socks. Well, I can darn and sew. That’s why I keep the socks with holes. To someday darn.

  8. When are you going to start knitting yourself some boating wear? 😉

    P.S. Picked up “Lover Avenged” at the library today! I’ll have to wait until I’m finished with “Drood” though. That book is bible-sized and I have to have it done by Saturday. Oy.

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