Guest kitties!

Anyone going to the Anya Bast and MaryJanice Davidson signing at Uncle Hugo’s tomorrow? (I’m totally going for Anya Bast… specifically to get a copy of this book. *ahem*)

First up, Jeanne’s cat Puddinhead, looking very thoughtful with her crossed paw.

“I have deep thoughts.” -Puddinhead

Next up is Deb’s kitty, Sammy.

“Yeah, so there’s ‘nip on the floor – what’s your point?” -Sammy

Doesn’t Sammy look like a long-haired version of May?

“Just call me Samhem.” -Sammy

Deb’s kitty Tigger really got into the ‘nip.

“Dude, this is good stuff.” -Tig

Sammy finally did get into the spirit of things.

“Whoa. The room is spinning…” -Sammy

“Yee-haw! Time to paaaaaaaaaaaarty!” -Tig

Meanwhile, back at the ranch… (Because I’m pretty sure I can’t get away without including one of my cats in a post!)

“Who needs ‘nip?!” -Chaos

Have a good weekend!

24 thoughts on “Guest kitties!”

  1. Cute kitties…

    I wish I was going to the signing, but sadly.. no I live in the hinterland… lol

    Have a great weekend Chris..


  2. Sammy actually looks a lot like my Bailey with slightly shorter hair–exact same face! Very cute.

    The other day, the boys got up in a KITCHEN CUPBOARD, took out the bad of dry nip that I use for their scratching box, and had it spread all over the kitchen floor by the time I got home from work. You should have seen all the innocent looks I got!

  3. Pud looks like “The Phantom of the Catpera”. Those are great shots of my kids – but the captions make the pictures! Thanks – when will the royalty checks be here?

  4. Puddinhead is such a pretty cat! Sammy and Tigger are having a good time! But I’m with Chaos–a nap would be great.

    Have a good weekend!

  5. I love giving my cat the nip! She has this little flat toy and she so abuses that thing once the nip hits her system. It’s like free entertainment.

  6. You do know you can’t judge a book by its cover, right?

    Giving cats a gateway drug. The shame. The horror. The amusement. I love the look Puddinhead is giving you.

  7. You are so funny. I think you’ve been nipping a little, yourself. The cat photos are great. Cats apparently trump books because I forgot to click through to see what book you’re after.

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