Linkity to get away from it all

Don’t forget about Art Journaling Monday, which is a chance to see some of my creative output… yes, yes, and another cat picture! 😉


Do, Think, Make, Learn


Gluten Free

Artsy Crafty


Cool or Wha…?



Reading Update
Project Collage: 50 Projects to Spark Your CreativityProject Collage: 50 Projects to Spark Your Creativity by Bev Spreight. Recommended if you’re looking to expand your collage repertoire – great ideas, examples, and explanations.

*derpity derpity derpity derp* -Chaos

3 thoughts on “Linkity to get away from it all”

  1. OMG, that kodkod is absolutely adorable! I had no idea that I needed pictures of one until I clicked your link.

    I have read some of those Discworld novels and can see where the descriptions fit, but others? Um… yeah, I’m lost.

    I have tried hand-writing novel drafts in the past, but since I always tried it during NaNoWriMo it never worked for me. I think this year, since my writing focus is going to be more “getting a working routine” and less “write x number of words” I will go back to handwriting. Because it’s so much more enjoyable, and the article is right: the processed of transferring the hand-written pages to the computer is also the first stage of edits.
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