Linkity blowout

Leave Kristi a comment by midnight EST, May 31, for your chance to win a pdf of one of her cute kids sweater patterns.

Clever DIY idea for making a light box in a suitecase.

Like to build things from cardboard? This article has links to ten things you can make from cardboard, from a kitty chaise to a laptop stand to a starter macro photography kit.

Whoa. Good question.

Although the Gizmodo article’s a bit snarky, check out the pet photography tips from Li of Fat Orange Cat Studios. Yes, she does also blog at domesticrafts.

Oh my – a USB drive that transforms into a panther!

More IKEA hacks for hiding litterboxes.

Make your own deluxe kitty windowsill perch.

Hmm. Who does this print remind me of?

Doesn’t this look tasty? Gluten-free chocolate rootbeer cake. *nom nom nom*

You’re at the theater, watching a movie and you desperately have to pee but don’t want to miss anything. This website will help you figure out the best time to take your break.

Rest easy, citizens of Boston – your police department promises to alert you when the zombies attack.

I had no idea LEGO was making an Architecture line – check out the Fallingwater kit!

Feline Strategy #2 for Dealing with Unexcused Human Absence:

“Oh, did you go somewhere? I didn’t notice.” -Chaos