Bleeding Hearts Club Band

Another picture from my rambles on Sunday:

I love bleeding hearts. I can remember being fascinated by them when I was three or four years old.

Any big weekend plans? It’s a long weekend here in the US. I’m heading up north to the cabin the tomorrow morning (returning sometime Monday), so I’ll be packing tonight when I’d usually be writing a blog post. SoC will resume publication on Tuesday.

“I’m hot.” -Chaos

No surprise, Chaos, as it was in the 90s again yesterday. Since the humidity was only about 16% (i.e., about 70% lower than it usually is at those temperatures here), I just couldn’t bear to close the windows and switch on the air. The kitties didn’t seem to find the fans as refreshing as did I.

33 thoughts on “Bleeding Hearts Club Band”

  1. I’ve always enjoyed bleeding hearts too!

    Poor kitties… it was hot here for a few days then went COLD! Like in the 30s at night cold. It’s late May. In Virginia. That’s just absurd!

  2. I LOVE bleeding hearts! We picked up a white one a few years ago to compliment our pink ones; it’s really cool.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Yeah, as always we’re a couple days behind you in temperatures. Warm today, and cooling off as off tomorrow. Very little humidity too.

    Have a great long weekend!

  4. Love the bleeding hearts, too. 90 isn’t bad without humidity. We can usually hold off on the a/c until 95. Enjoy your trip north!

  5. I love white bleeding hearts best, I find them…ironic.
    I am also heading up North into the mountains. Enjoy Chris, I know I will.
    Hmmm, something tells me their lovely black fur coats might have had something to do with the unrefreshedness of the fans. I would imagine with that much fur on your body and percentage of humidity would spell out a bad hair day.

  6. I love bleeding hearts, too. Jan piped some (in icing) on the sides of Sylvia’s first birthday cake. 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  7. I love bleeding hearts too!

    Our long weekend was last weekend…I am, however, heading off to the big city on Saturday for a night of debauchery. And food. 😉

  8. Chris- If you pick one, there’s a way to make it look like a ballerina. I know all kinds of useless bull like that.

    Have a blast at the cabin.

  9. After buying those reversible window fans which are supposed to suck out the hot air, we’re not turning on the AC till July! We’ll see who whines first 😉

    Have a great weekend!

  10. I used to love Bleeding Hearts, until I got some white ones. They started to creep me out – I kept thinking they looked like dead chickens hung up in a Chinese market. Now even the red ones do that to me.

  11. I also love bleeding hearts! So unique and cool.

    And your cats look like mine did yesterday–just flopped! One sprawled out on the dining room table, the other took up the whole loveseat. I didn’t have the heart to move either one of them, so we ate dinner in the living room, around the coffee table.

    Have an excellent weekend!

  12. I can’t believe how warm it’s gotten since it was just in the 30’s the other night! Crazy. I’m sweating right now. Icky. Not sure this is better than the Southwest oven I used to live in. Probably, though!

  13. Recently found your site and I must say your Chaos and Mayhem look just like my Rocko and Spunky! (And I’d swear I’ve seen their photos before… you don’t happen to have a Deviant Art account, do you?)

  14. What a beautiful picture of the bleeding hearts. For me the flower of tinyhood captivation was snapdragons. Someone showed me how to make them open and close their “mouths” and I’ve never forgotten it.

    Grey Cat used to do the same thing when he was hot (drape himself over the furniture and glare). I think they believe we can do something about the weather. Ah–if only…

  15. Bleeding hearts have the most wonderful shape.

    I’ll let you have all of the 90 degree weather you can stand. I’m not ready for it yet.

    Have a great weekend! We’re going to have a quiet and restful weekend at home.

  16. Have a great weekend! I have to attend two lake association meetings, plus a meeting of one of the lake’s “Weed Rangers”. Happily that will all be over by noon on Saturday.

  17. Bleeding hearts are one of my favorite flowers! They just look so neat.

    I won’t tell the kitties about the long weekend. Your secret is safe with me. And I promise to post your package one of these days… :p

  18. was hot here. I turned the A/C on for the cats in one room. When I got home? they were spread out in the OTHER room. Ugh.

    ps. Chaos- your mommy could shave your belly to cool you off. It’s a good look.

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