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  • Good Omens fanfic! And the actual Good Omens novel again…

*side-eyeing* -Chaos & Mayhem

Kitties – now more judgmental than evah!

4 thoughts on “Post-Spookiness Linkity”

  1. Thanks for linking to my NaNo post! And I found the article about switching to Comic Sans interesting. I’ll have to keep that in mind if I get writer’s block this NaNo. 🙂

    I saw those articles about the history or dragons and Aslan as Jesus in Narnia. Neat stuff. And that textiles and computers stuff is so cool. I saw some of the things being referenced when I went to the Computer History Museum a couple years back, but it’s always neat to see.

    I love all the Untitled Goose stuff that’s been going around. There were several good Goose and Gardener costumes this year, too. (Sadly I didn’t see them in person, or think of the idea myself. But I found multiple fun pics online.)
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  2. My boys were 6 and 2, respectively. The snow was too deep for the younger one to go trick-or-treating, so he wore his Superman costume and stayed home. The older one’s costume that year was the Wolfman — perfect for a cold Halloween.

    Even worse than the monumental snowfall was the plunge into sub-zero temps that followed. Our dock and pontoon boat were still in the water at the cabin; DH asked me if I though he should go up there and pull them out immediately. Clever me said no, it would be okay, it was still too early in the season for the lake to freeze, yada yada. Wrong! By the time he and a friend got there on the following weekend, the boat was frozen in several inches of ice. They had to use a torpedo heater, an axe, and a chain saw to get them out.
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