Wendy’s giving away some of the new Lorna’s Laces WendyKnits Sunrise sock yarn – leave her a comment by 4 pm EDT, May 21, for your chance to win.

Head over to moderncat before May 17 for your chance to win a year’s supply of the World’s Best Cat Litter. You can leave a comment on this post if you’d like the chance to win a kitty catnip boomerang, too.

Confused about sunscreen SPF? You’re not alone.

An interesting option for those holey old handknit socks that you can’t bear to throw away.

Heh – ya think?!

Yet another option for a homemade laptop stand – this time from cardboard.

*tilts head quizzically*

Thanks to Karen for alerting me to this photo of an adorable black jaguar kitten! Look at those clodhoppers, eh?

Whoa. This is my household! Can you figure out who’s who? 😉 (Today’s kitty photo caption won’t make sense unless you follow this link.)

“I hope you recognize that I’m not the silly one. I’m the thoughtful one!” -Chaos