Birthday recap

Wow. You guys rock!! I am completely overwhelmed by all the wonderful adivce and birthday wishes I’ve been receiving in my contest! You still have plenty of time to enter if you haven’t already.

Some fun birthday things – I got two flourless chocolate birthday cakes! Must be living right. 😉 Jeanne made the first, using our traditional recipe. My dad picked up the second at Whole Foods:

Many thanks to both of you! Mmmmm….

Last week, I mentioned my early knitting birthday party (for which Jeanne made the tasty cake) and promised pictures.. From Deb, enough ArtYarns for two pairs of cushy socks and Knitting for Peace (so wonderfully inscribed from her that I almost started to cry!):

“This is nice yarn, Mom, but please don’t knit me any socks. I don’t think that would make me feel more peaceful.” – M.

Jeanne gave me a very funny card (“Pictured here is 12-year old champion diver, Cleo Jones. Despite her age, Cleo has never abandoned her dream of ‘going for the gold.'”), a cute sheep bookmark, some yarn she dyed to make narrow black and purple stripes (be still my heart!!), and, um, some bedraggled gag yarn. This yarn goes back and forth between us…

“Shit.” – C.

Jeanne also made me these fabulous personalized magnets using pictures of Chaos and May from my blog!! (Sorry, these were very difficult to photograph.) I love magnets… someday I’ll do a little photoshoot of the front of my fridge.

And all the way from the UK, Mrs Pao and Pao sent another funny card (“Louis couldn’t wait to be an air hostess” – remember the sock monkey dress?!), elusive black Regia Silk (she had to get it directly from Germany!), and tasty treats (I can neither confirm nor deny that amazingly delicious rice crackers covered with dark chocolate were also included).

“Mom, how come my cat food isn’t this colorful and fun?” – M.

Mrs Pao also included presents for Chaos and May! On the right is “buzzy mouse” – you pull his tail and he buzzes around on the floor while his tail contracts back. On the left is “snacky mouse” – you stick a few cat treats into it to distract the cats when they’re getting pesky.

“She must be talking about you, May, because I am the very feline of upstanding behavior and am never ‘pesky.'” – C.

My heartfelt thanks to my friends and family and everyone who helped make my 40th birthday fun and memorable.